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The Great Sissy Epilating Experiment of 2019

sissy epilating experiment
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Running your hands over a silky, soft and hairless body is an insanely ecstatic feeling that most of us sissies seem to appreciate more than the average girl.

We’re all familiar with the more common ways to achieve this state of sissy smoothness: shaving, waxing and sugaring. Then there are the permanent sissy hair removal methods such as electrolysis and laser.

That leaves us with the red-headed sissy step-sister of MtF hair removal: epilating… which is the technique that I’m going to talk about in this article.

During the past few years, I had reached the point of keeping my body smooth all over by shaving once a week—sometimes going even longer. Yikes! I naturally graduated to shaving two, and sometimes even three times a week. It’s amazing how efficient a sissy can get at shaving with that much practice.

Still, I was looking for a hair removal technique that would allow me to experience that soft and silky feeling for longer than the one or two day window of smoothness that shaving provided.

The logical alternative for me appeared to be epilating. It was relatively inexpensive when compared to waxing and laser hair removal and—I possessed a relatively high pain threshold… for a sissy anyway.

So, in February of 2019, I excitedly ordered my very first epilator on eBay. My great sissy epilating experiment would begin immediately on its arrival.

My Epilator of Choice

braun silk epil 5

After doing some serious sissy research, I decided on a Braun Silk Epil 5 (Model 5280). It cost me $37. I wanted to keep the price at a modest amount since I wasn’t yet sure if epilating was going to be my ticket to a super smooth sissy body.

Even though a pricier, higher quality epilator would probably have made for a more accurate experiment, I tend to be a sissy that defaults to practical purchases. Being frugal with money can be an asset for sissies since necessities like lingerie, dresses, heels and beauty products do add up over time.

One feature that I definitely like about the Braun 5280 was that it is powered by 120 volts, versus being cordless. While many would prefer the convenience of a rechargeable epilator, I didn’t want to be running out of juice in the middle of an epilating session.

My First Go Around With the Epilator

epilating arms

I was ecstatic when the epilator arrived in the mail. I mean, If I had a tail, it would have been wagging. I couldn’t wait to try it out and I did just that, that same evening. I decided to give it a go on my arms first.

Using the epilator on the back of my hands and my arms was a little painful that first time but I figured with continued use, my body would soon adjust and the pain would lessen. And it definitely did.

I also experienced a bit of irritation followed by some redness that first night. It subsided and went away the next day, never to return. All-in-all, my initial epilating experience—albeit arms only—was a positive one for this sissy… with one exception.

I found that the crook of the arm, between the forearm and upper arm, can be an area of concern. You’ve no doubt noticed that when the arm is bent, the skin in that area is loose. Be aware that loose skin acts like Kryptonite to an epilator. The device—at least my model of choice—will grab loose skin in its clutches and come to a screeching, and somewhat painful, halt!

Don’t worry, no need to get those adorable sissy panties in a wad—even though I did. Simply turn the switch off and allow the epilator to extricate/unwind itself from the loose skin.

This will probably only happen to you once as this misadventure will teach you, as it did me, to…


Epilating The Rest of Your Sissy Body

epilating entire body


Many GG’s—as well as some of us sissies—use an epilator on the legs only. There’s no better feeling than pulling on a pair of silky-smooth nylon stockings over a pair of equally silky-smooth legs. You can buy those sexy nylons at

The legs are by far the easiest, less painful part of the body to epilate. This might be because they are naturally more toned than other, softer areas, resulting in the skin being tighter. There is one exception however…

Directly behind the knees.

Since you’re such an observant sissy, you’ll notice that this area is similar to the corresponding crook in the arm. To avoid any grabbing or pinching at this critical spot…


I should also mention that the upper thigh, right near the bikini line, is also susceptible to being gobbled up by this not-so-innocent hair removal device. Believe me when I say that the first time this happens to you—and it will—is quite unnerving, if not down-right traumatic.


The softer belly, especially as you move down near the pubic area, is no epilating walk in the park. For me, the belly was more painful to epilate than the arms. Like the arms however, the adjustment period was fairly quick—and posed no problems thereafter other than some temporary redness and irritation.

How low on the belly you can take the epilator will be a personal matter. I ventured down there pretty damn fucking far, with a coinciding increase in pain. Believe me, that super-sensitive area will loudly let you know when you’ve gone far enough.


If epilating the belly is bearable, your chest is the polar opposite. I don’t know why but the hard sternal (is that a word?) plate—between your sissy titties and just below the neck area—is a bitch with a big, bold capital “B”.

If you want to epilate your chest, you’re gonna have to accept the hurt involved and come breathe into a paper bag with the rest of us sissies. The pain will pass sweetie, but it took awhile for this sissy to adapt.

I’m absolutely serious when I say that… if you can get to the point of epilating your chest with little or no pain, you are capable of doing just about FUCKING anything! It took me a while to get there but I considered it to be one of my great sissy accomplishments. So much so that I was inspired (temporarily) to epilate for eternity, just so I wouldn’t have to go through that god-awful-painful adjustment period ever again!

Back of the Neck

This area has a well-deserved reputation of being pain-sensitive to epilating. What I found, for me anyway, that the back of the neck, although somewhat painful at first, was a piece of cake compared to the chest. Again, allow an ample adaption period for this part of the body.


Interestingly enough, I found that epilating the underarms was not much different than the rest of the arms. More difficult to reach effectively because of their concave nature, but not much pain at all.

Knee Caps

I separate the front of the knees from the rest of the legs because they are unique—when it comes to epilating anyway. There’s no pain or irritation involved, so that’s nice.

The issue is that since this area is so hard, the hair doesn’t seem to get epilated (pulled out from the hair follicle). The shafts of hair simply break off at the surface of the skin—just like they would if you were shaving with an electric razor. Why this is, I have absolutely no idea.

It’s also true (from my experience anyway) that hairs can just break off like this while epilating anywhere on the body. But it seems to be much more prevalent on the knee caps.


Since I’ve never epilated my back—and don’t have much hair back there anyway—there’s not much I can say about this area except that, intuitively speaking; the back, much like the legs, would be a fairly straight forward and painless place to epilate.

If I was having someone epilate my back for me, I would definitely round my shoulders so my skin was stretched as taught as possible.


As far as epilating goes, treat your cute little sissy ass as an extension of your legs. It’s that simple, straight forward and pain free.

When it comes to your sissy ass pussy—well, that’s an entirely different story since things get a tad more sensitive the closer you get to the promised land.

Personally, I didn’t attempt to epilate that area so you’ll have to experiment on your own. It might be wise to treat your butt hole as applicable to the following section on private parts.

What About Those Private Sissy Parts?

epilating private parts

This is easy. I mentioned previously that When you’re epilating your lower belly area, your body will instinctively tell you when you’ve ventured far enough to the south. Respect the wisdom of your body.

I’ve gone out of my way here to emphasize that loose skin and an epilator do not play well together. There’s no looser skin anywhere else on the body! In other words, I would never allow that devious device ANYWHERE near my private parts. And neither should you… unless you’re some sort of sadistic sissy.

How Often Should A Sissy Epilate?

how often should a sissy epilate

If you believe the benefits of epilating—expounded by epilator manufactures, their sales departments and/or their affiliates—that claim anywhere from thirteen to nineteen days of hair-free, silky smooth skin, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

This is where soft theory ends and bare-knuckled reality takes over.

Two to three weeks of little to no hair may be true for a genetic girl that already has softer and less-dense hair, but for us much hairier sissies—that may have an abundance of dark, course growth—that would seem not to be the case. At least, not for me anyway.

I eventually settled on a weekly epilating regimen that worked pretty well for me. After one week, my hairs had grown out long enough to be epilated, but not so long that I felt too manly. Depending on your own personal hair growth situation, your time between epilating sessions could vary significantly from mine.

Keep in mind that, as with waxing or sugaring, you’re not gonna get every hair. What that meant for me was that after epilating, I immediately jumped in the shower to do a quick shave-over so that I was completely smooth and hair-free. This took less than five minutes so it really was no big deal.

Please remember those 5 minutes as I will refer back to that number later in this article.

Hair Growth Facts Every Sissy Should Know

In case you were wondering…

Hair grows in cycles or stages, three of them in fact. Body hair has MUCH shorter growth cycles that the hair on your head—that’s why body hair isn’t able to grow as long as the hair on your scalp.

The first time you epilate, ALL of your hair is present, albeit in different stages of the growth cycle. But after the initial epilating session (because you’re pulling hair out of the follicle), only the first stage of hair (the Anagen or growth stage) will initially appear… which means you will now have less hair to remove than you would otherwise.

It’s important to also realize that hair growth stages—the time each one lasts—are a little different for everyone and will vary from sissy to sissy.

hair growth stages

Less hair logically likens to less pain and/or irritation. So while your skin does adjust to the epilating process, that adjustment is complemented by less hair actually being present. You often hear people say that after epilating (or waxing), the hair that grows back is less course, or softer. That’s not really the case; there is just less hair.

Another reason that hair which has been epilated appears softer has nothing to do with the structure of the hair actually having been changed. Think about this… a shaved shaft of hair is blunt cut, leaving a larger, flat surface area (which appears darker) along with a sharp edge. Conversely, an epilated hair grows back in with its virgin-like, finer tip emerging first.

Do Ingrown Hairs and Epilating Go Together?

Much has been written about epilating and ingrown hairs… as-in, you can’t have one without the other. Personally, I never got one single ingrown hair during the six months that I was epilating—and I’m one goddamn hairy sissy!

I do realize that some sissies might experience this problem however. Hair removal experts recommend exfoliating to avoid ingrown hair issues. I have a pair of Loofah gloves that I use while showering to exfoliate my body with. But I exfoliate in order to have smoother sissy skin, not because I’m concerned with ingrown hairs.

Was My Epilating Experiment Fair and Thorough?

I believe it was. I epilated my entire body, sans private parts (and sissy pussy), weekly for six straight months—from February through July of 2019. I got pretty good at it and gained an intimate—sometimes intense—knowledge of the epilating process.

Would a more expensive/higher quality epilator made a difference with the experiment? I’m sure it would have, but not a significant one I don’t believe. The Braun Silk Epil 5 held up to the task admirably. Although relatively inexpensive, it performed flawlessly… and then some.

The Pros and Cons of Epilating

epilator pros and cons

Before I say anything further, I want you to know that I really, really wanted this epilating thing to become my long term hair removal method of choice! But after the novelty wore off, I had to face the unadulterated truth—as I see it from my simplified sissy mind anyway.

I cannot, in all honesty, come up with one legitimate ‘Pro’ that would support epilating over shaving. Keep in mind that shaving is the only hair removal process that I have to currently compare epilating to.

Perhaps there are some specific instances where spot-use of an epilator might be efficient, or handy—but for an entire body that has an ample amount of course hair—NO!

There are several ‘Cons’ that influenced my decision to put the epilator back in its box. So many in fact, that I’m gonna need a list:

  • There is an initial pain threshold along with an adjustment period to overcome
  • Depending on the body part, some of that pain never goes away
  • Epilating does NOT get all of the hairs so…
  • I found it necessary to do a quick shave-over after epilating
  • Unlike shaving, epilating can’t be used on your private parts
  • The hairs grow back quicker than advertised (that was true for me anyway)
  • You must be very careful with loose skin as the epilator will want to grab and pinch it right before coming to a shuddering stop
  • The hairs need to be a certain length in order to be epilated, which means you are not completely smooth the entire time between epilating sessions
  • To epilate the entire body can take 45 minutes to an hour

So that’s my exhaustive evaluation on my great sissy epilating experiment of 2019.

I’m not trying to be overly critical, just accurate—according to my personal experience of religiously using an epilator for six months. At the beginning of the experiment, I was all-in. Now, I’m all-out.

Remember My 5 Minute Sissy Shave-Over?

epilating vs shaving

When I first began shaving my entire body, I would do it once every ten days to two weeks. I found that going that long between body shaves, because the hair was so long, turned the shaving experience into a chore. I learned to dread it.

To overcome that dreaded feeling, I decided to begin shaving once per week. This changed everything as it was much faster and efficient to shave the much shorter hairs off. I made Sunday mornings into my sissy shaving ritual and came to thoroughly enjoy it. It took me about 20 minutes to shave. I know… dial-up-slow!.

I then began to wonder… if shaving once per week was so good, would twice per week be better? I gave it a whirl and you know what, it was! I could now complete the shaving process in like ten minutes—which was the same amount of total time but a much more pleasant experience.

An added bonus was that now my sexy sissy body was smoother for a longer period of time.

Which brings me back to my 5 minute sissy shave-over that I stumbled upon during my short-lived epilating experiment. I found that after epilating, I could do that quick shave-over in about five minutes. It was so quick and almost effortless; simply because the hairs were essentially non-existent—I was simply eliminating the strays that I had missed while epilating.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the more often a sissy shaves, the more efficient and enjoyable the process becomes… at least for this sissy.

I’ve come to the point where I’m now shaving two or three times per week. My body is now silky smooth virtually all of the time and I can be completely shaved in less than ten minutes.

That works out to be fifteen or so minutes a week spent on hair removal compared to 45 minutes when I was epilating weekly and—I get to enjoy a smooth and sexy body pretty much every day of the week!

This is a perfect example where ‘more’ does equal ‘less’.

Any sissy out there looking for a good, used epilator?

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