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The Complete Sissy Training Guide
Part 3

the complete sissy training guide
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In Part 2 of The Complete Sissy Training Guide, we covered:

  • Establishing Your Sissy Persona
  • Sissy Desire & Sexual Reprogramming
  • Your Sissy Slut Factor
  • Dollification & Beautification
  • Developing Your Sissy Body

Working your way through Part 2 means that you’re beginning to take your sissification endeavors fairly seriously. Or maybe very seriously would be more accurate.

It could take many months—or more likely years—to progress to this point where you may be wondering if you should (or could) continue to go even further with your feminization efforts. There’s absolutely no rush as sissification, if anything, is a process that organically just happens over time

One step leads to another. You begin to acquire more clothes. You get better with your makeup. You come to a point where you want to reveal your femininity to the world.

There are small strides forward and seemingly big setbacks along the way—a veritable sissy emotional roller coaster ride. There’s purging, questioning and much re-thinking and re-assessing involved.

Possibly even some of your sissy-secrets are revealed (sometimes involuntarily) to friends and loved ones.

Whatever your situation, continuing on with this Part 3 of The Complete Sissy Training Guide pretty much signals the point of no return. You’re now carefully—or maybe not so carefully—considering the possibility of going full-time femme.

Voice Feminization

sissy voice feminization

Once you have yourself thinking, moving and looking like a girl (Part 2), the next thing now missing is your female voice. Voice feminization can be quite intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be. Like everything else with sissification, it just takes practice—and even more practice.

Voice actors and celebrity impersonators are able to change the way they sound; and so can you! It’s mainly a matter of repositioning your larynx (which houses your vocal cords), higher up your throat, which effectively shortens the air pathway leading to your mouth.

Doing this will raise the pitch of your voice. With voice feminization there are other factors involved, like the size of your mouth cavity and how you pronounce vowel sounds. Raising the pitch of your voice can turn into quite a complicated and sophisticated process.

But it doesn’t have to be. Just by learning to raise your larynx will have your voice sounding feminine enough. Doing this seems difficult and unnatural at first, but by employing the concept of muscle memory, it becomes easier with practice.

Keep in mind that although many GG have lower pitched voices, they still sound sexy and feminine. With vocal training exercises, you can have your voice sounding any way you want.

I’ve already written a very thorough article on this subject: Voice Feminization – Speaking Like a Sissy. You’ll find pretty much most everything you need to know to get going.

In the article, there is a link to an epic Reddit post on MtF voice feminization. It is so important that I also include it below:

L’s Voice Training Guide

And here is another Reddit post that includes several voice feminization resources. This post may be a bit overwhelming to start with so I would begin with the first one.

Solid Introductory Voice Training Resources

With commitment, which involves practicing the voice feminization exercises daily, you can be speaking like a sissy within a few months time.

There is also a mental component to voice feminization. Your body—including your voice—will tend to align with and begin to reflect your most dominiate thoughts.

Entering a relaxed and meditative type of state while receiving voice-feminizing suggestions can be extremely effective. FeminEsscence is a program that will allow you to find your feminine voice from deep within yourself.

Sissy Socialization

sissy socialization

Once you have your feminization program put together: the posture, the mannerisms, the clothes, the makeup, the body, the voice; it’s time to put yourself out there in the real world.

From my precarious perspective, there’s two compelling reasons for this:

  • You want to be admired, envied (and even lusted after)
  • You want to meet like-minded people

The best way to get some exposure is to simply venture out into the public arena—looking your absolute best of course. This is also the scariest way… but only at first. I’ve found that after five times out, your fear will subside, if not vanish completely.

For the first time out, I suggest using a technique that is extremely effective. I explain it in: A Sissy Tip for Crossdressing in Public. It’s a drop-dead simple concept that really works well for ignoring what other people might think of you.

The next best way to put yourself out there is to get involved in an online TG, CD or sissy community. There are plenty to choose from such as:

  • FetLife
  • Club Sissy
  • GetGirly
  • Hypno Fetish
  • Sissy related Reddits (there are several)
  • Zity (has a Sissies and Feminization forum)
  • Sissy Space (Discord Server)

Those are a few of my favorites. There are many more if you search around. I have links to the above sites on my Sissy Resources page.

Sissy Shop

Once you embrace the socialization aspect of being a sissy, your world will change forever. You cannot begin to predict the situations and people you will unexpectedly come into contact with—and how they will transform your life.

Getting all dolled-up and presenting yourself to the world is considered the acid test of sissification. You will find out pretty damn quick how bad you really want to be a girl.

Sissy Transition Education

sissy transition education

You have now reached the point in your sissification journey where you are ready to seriously consider transitioning to a full-time sissified girly-girl. All of your sissy-stars are perfectly—as close as they’re ever gonna get—lined up and you’re ready to take the psychological plunge into permanent femininity.

Pros and Cons of Transitioning

This is where I could list all the reasons why you should or shouldn’t transition to living as a female. But I believe you’re way past that.

You have enough experience at this point where you are acutely aware that choosing to become a sissy forever is not going to be all unicorns and rainbows. There will be some rough spots along the way.

It can be a tough choice to make. But it can only be your choice.

Plan Your Transition

Successfully transitioning to a sissy will take some planning on your part. This cannot be understated. You will need to have your high heels in order so the changeover will go as smoothly as possible.

I read where one girl all of a sudden just showed up for work as a woman. The first day, people were shocked-to-shit and couldn’t stop talking. They caused such an uproar that you would have thought that the end of the world was imminent.

The second day—although somewhat calmer—the workplace was still in chaos. But by the third day, the situation had toned down considerably. By the fourth day, everyone had gone back to the usual; being preoccupied with their own lives. They barely even paid attention to her feminine transformation anymore.

She was quick to point out however that some well-thought-out, advanced planning, prior to her coming out event, had been done. For example, she spent a few weeks adding to her wardrobe so she had plenty of clothes to wear for any occasion.

She also had a good feeling that management would support her decision. So she knew she wouldn’t get fired for a bogus reason.

Another aspect to transition planning is finances. There are costs associated with living as a woman that men never ever need to think about. Being female typically requires having more—and more expensive—clothes and shoes.

Then there’s beauty considerations, including makeup and skin care products. Hair removal procedures such as laser and electrolysis are not cheap!

Don’t forget to factor in manicures, pedicures and possibly, depending on your hair situation, trips to the hair salon. These beautification costs associated with femininity can be substantial.

Being beautiful is expensive… because it’s worth it!

But the price for feminization is about to go up even higher, as you’re about to see. The following expenses also need to be planned for.

Transition Therapy

Finding a qualified transgender therapist to confide in sounds like a really good idea. An insightful counselor can bring to light transition issues you might encounter that you would never have considered before.

Also, if you decide to undergo feminizing hormone therapy (FHT), you will most likely need a letter from a TG therapy professional before a doctor will consider prescribing sex hormone medications.

A therapist might even recommend that you live as woman for one year before proceeding further with something that will result in ramifications that are undoable.

Feminizing Hormone Therapy or FHT

feminization hormone therapy

Although it is very popular for MtF TG to undergo FHT (aka HRT–hormone replacement therapy), it is in no way absolutely necessary to successfully transition. There are some health concerns that go with FHT.

On top of that, there are also some changes that take place that are NOT reversible—namely, breast growth and fertility.

For a deeper dive into feminizing hormone therapy, you can read an article I previously wrote on this very important subject: 10 Questions a Sissy Might Ask About Feminizing Hormone Therapy.

There are also a couple of TG transitioning sites that I recommend on my Sissy Resources page. Scroll down near the bottom and look under the Sissy and TG Support section.

As I previously alluded to—although popular and generally desirable—FHT is not mandatory to transition. There are many, many MtF TG who opt not to take feminizing hormones that are absolutely gorgeous! In many cases this can be attributed to…

Feminizing Surgery

facial feminization surgery

Feminizing surgical procedures for a transgender woman are typically used to augment FHT—and in certain cases, even replace it. Depending on how far you want to go and to which areas of the body you wish to feminize, it can get quite expensive.

Sissy Training

However when you’ve come this far in your sissification process, you can usually find a way to come up with the money if something is that important to you. In my mind, feminization surgery would be really important.

Let’s start with the face and work our way down.

Facial Feminization Surgery

While FHT will leave your face with softer lines and looking feminine, it is not the choice for every TG. Facial feminization surgery or FFS can be an alternative—or a complementary procedure—albeit an expensive one.

FFS consists of several surgical procedures that will morph masculine facial features into more feminine-like ones. These are the most popular interventions:

  • Brow bone reduction or frontal bossing
  • Scalp advancement (lowering the hairline)
  • Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty)
  • Blepharoplasty (droopy eyelids/under-eye bags)
  • Tracheal shave
  • Cheek implants
  • Lip implants and/or lip lift
  • Chin softening
  • Rhytidectomy or face lift

For a brief explanation as to what each of these procedures are designed to do, check out this very informative article about FFS.

Breast Augmentation

Oftentimes FHT alone will increase the size of your breasts to something that you’re content with. But sometimes you will want a more impressive set of tits.

Breast implants continue to be the second most popular cosmetic surgical treatment—right behind liposuction. In 2018, over a quarter million breasts augmentation surgeries were performed in the US alone.

MtF TG breast augmentation, although similar to that which is performed on a cis gender woman, does have some special considerations that need to be taken into account. Read this for a more in-depth explanation as to what they are.

Body Feminization Procedures

In search of the much desired “hourglass figure”, sissies can become obsessed with feminizing workout routines. Building your butt into something more bubble-like takes a metric ton of time, commitment and … HARD work.

There is an easier way of course—but the price paid is in shekels instead of sweat. The most popular body feminization surgical procedures are:

  • Buttocks augmentation aka Brazilian butt lift
  • Trunk liposuction

For more insights into what these surgeries entail, check out this article. It talks more about the ideal, and much coveted, feminine waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7


If we weren’t serious enough about sissification before, we definitely are now. Getting an orchiectomy (being castrated) will bring a screeching halt to testosterone production in your body. You won’t be needing much in the way of estrogen or testosterone blockers after undergoing an orchiectomy.

This surgical procedure is, obviously, irreversible—and therefore should be carefully considered. Most TG clinics won’t perform this operation without letters from both a licensed transgender therapist and a MtF hormone physician.

Genital Confirmation Surgery (GCS)

You’ve heard the term post-op TG. This is what genital confirmation surgery—also called genital reconstructive surgery—means. All the way in one play, baby.

Many MtF TG prefer to remain in the pre-op category; at least when it comes to the genital area (affectionately referred to as bottom-end surgery). I would tend to agree with them. But perhaps I’m not a “true” transgender. Time will tell.

Here is some more interesting information about GCS.

Sissy Transformation – Tying Up the Loose Ends

sissy transformation

Okay princess… now that the hard part of becoming a full-time, card-carrying sissy is completed, let’s take care of those dangling details.

Name Change

You’ve no doubt had your sissy name for quite awhile—maybe even changed it a few times before coming back to the original. Now it’s time to pick one, and make it stick. Take some time with this. Like a boob job, a legal name change is semi-permanent.

The very first thing you do is go to court and legally change your name. Once that’s done, there are several other places where you will need/want to make the name change. Below is a list of the basic ones. Depending on your specific situation, you may have others.

  • Drivers license
  • Social Security Card
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Passport
  • Voter registration
  • Utilities
  • Auto registration
  • Insurance (home, life, medical, auto)
  • Loans ( home, auto, school)
  • Email accounts
  • Social media accounts

Okay, all that does sound rather daunting so maybe the hard part wasn’t quite over. Be that the case, for a comprehensive look at how to approach changing your name, head on over to TransgenderMap and read their name change article. It’s pretty good.

Work as a Girl

You are now FREE— to live and work as a female. But of course things are never quite that easy, are they? No matter what the current sex/job anti-discrimination laws might be, it’s impossible to legislate life-long biases, negative feelings and bigotry directed towards the TG community.

Sissy Webcam

Yes, attitudes are changing and there are many compassionate, understanding, accepting and open-hearted people who will cut you plenty of slack in the workplace. Unfortunately, those enlightened souls are still in the minority.

Coming out to your workplace, keeping your current job or moving to a different company can be an overly-complicated, legal-laden shit-show. That’s just the way it is for many TG. You’re at the mercy of the mindset of management, employees and the human resources department.

If you happen to be at this stage of your sissification journey, I encourage you to read this very thoughtful and thorough—albeit a bit dated—article about transgender employment.

It will open your eyes to the possible workplace challenges that face a TG.

Become a Housewife

You could choose to keep things simple and not work at all. Just find the Domme or Dom of your dreams and become their live-in sissy maid/housewife.

What a life! You would dress-up everyday, clean house, shop, cook and sexually serve. If that’s a fantasy of yours, you might enjoy reading A Day in the Life of a Sissy French Maid.

Being a housewife sounds kinda sexy to me.

What I Left Out… on Purpose

left out

I didn’t feel that I wanted to address the subject of coming out to friends and family. Every family situation and friend network is unique. Once you reveal something so intimate about yourself, well… it’s impossible to ever take back.

You will never know for sure how the people in your life will react to you telling them you’re a CD/TG/sissy. It could go well; or you might receive disgusted, disdainful—and even mean—reactions.

Coming out as a TG can be as volatile as leaving a bottle of nitroglycerin out in the sun. Conversely, what you feared as a fatal moment, could turn out to be less than a flesh wound. Because of the uncertainty involved, you’re on your own with this one princess. Good luck!

Don’t Forget About Part 1 and Part 2

If you haven’t yet gotten around to it, you are encouraged to read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Complete Sissy Training Guide.

The three parts are designed to work in unison and provide a systematic approach on how to train a sissy properly.

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