Sissy Resources

Sissy Related Blogs

Renee Reyes – A Crossdresser’s Survival Guide

Sissy Girl Sanctuary – A Place for Happiness and Development en Femme

Pink Femme – Practical (and very good) articles on feminization

Devina Cox – Photos of Dommes, TGirls and Sissies

Diary of a Prissy Sissy – A Blog for Sissies by a Sissy

Trap Sexy – How To Become a Trap (Sissy Feminization)

Nova Girl – Sissification, Bimbofication, etc

Juliet Noir – Crossdressing Blog by a UK Crossdresser

Fiona Dobson’s Crossdressing Blog – Accept yourself as you are; create yourself as you desire

Sissy Hypno

Hypno Fetish – One of my favorite sissy hyno sites. Be sure to check out the title “Useless.” You can create your own personalized playlists.

Princess Fae – This is Princess Fae’s YouTube channel. She has several sissification, feminization and chastity hypno tracts. Awesome!

Keys To Feminization – This is David Bradley’s YouTube channel. I prefer the files that use the “Destiny” voice personna.

Bambi Sleep! – This site is all about “Bambi”, a fictional bimbo fuck doll.

eSuccubus – Elena Mclvor’s audios cover various subjects but she has many free files about pantied chastity, obeying females, and limpness. Intellectually stimulating with an enchanting voice.

Fiona Clearwater – Several files covering themes such as, Mistress/slave, cuckolding, orgasm denial, etc. Listening to Fiona’s voice is well worth the $5 per month Patreon pledge. She also has some videos on YouTube.


Warp My Mind – You can find some pretty good free files if you search around enough; audios like, “Permanent Bisexual Shemale Princess.”

Mistress Stella – Only a few free files but one of them, “Itty Bitty Clitty”, is one of my all-time favorites.

Hiphypno – I’ve never bought anything from them but some of the titles look interesting.

Sissy Hypnosis Club – Some good stuff on this site. Mostly links to sissy hypno video sites.

Spiral Seductions – A few sissy/feminization files are available.

Sissy Reddits

Sissies – All Things Sissy

Sissyology – Discussion on the Nature of Sissyhood

The Sissification Project– Sissy Goals and Progress

Sissy Chastity – Sissies in Chastity

Transvoice – Voice Feminization

Sissy Personals– Find a Daddy

Sissy Shopping

b.tempted My Favorite for Bras and Panties

Exotic High Heels – My Go-To Place for High Heels

male chastity device

TooTimid – Sissy Dildos and Prostate Massagers

Oxy-Shop – Chastity Devices for the Sissy

Sissy Training

Sissylover Sissification Academy – This is a lengthy (that’s an understatement) and quite thorough sissy training program. I can personally vouch for it ’cause I’ve been through it.

The House of Sissify – I haven’t been through this sissy training but it looks as if it could be pretty good. They’ve been around for quite a while.

Sissy Related Communities

Get Girly – A Sissy School Forum

Hypno Fetish – Much More Than Just Sissy Hypno

Zity – A Kinkster Forum but There’s a Sissies and Femization Sub-Forum

Club Sissy – A Discussion and Personals Site Just For Sissies

Breast Nexum – Breast Development for All Girls… Even Sissies

Cuckold Place – For Sissies Who Fantasize About Being Cuckolded

BDSMLR – A Tumblr-like Alternative for the BDSM and Fetish Communities

Voice Feminization YouTube Videos

TransVoiceLessons – Zheanna Erose

The ‘One Step’ to Perfect Voice Feminization – Zoey Alexandria

Voice Femization Basics – Freya

Vocal Feminization Guide – Impulse Collective DID

Finding Your Female Voice Consultation – deepstealth

Sissy and TG Support

Transgender Guide – Trans Chat, Forums and Information

Transgender Map – Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Gender Transition