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Sissy Resources

Sissy Related Blogs

Renee Reyes – Atlanta based Renee Reyes has a wealth of information that will be priceless to any CD, TG or sissy. Her insightful advice comes directly from her own personal experience… which BTW, is beyond boundless.

Whoreuro – From sissification and FLR discipline methods, to sissygasm sex toys and big-black-cock dating sites, the worldly—and sophisticated—Catherine Duffy over at Whoreuro has a metric-ton of erotic material that will be of intense interest to any sissy worth her matching bra and panty set.

Pink Femme – From Beauty and hair to deportmant, lifstyle and fashion, Edith, the gender therapist who is the brain-child behind Pink Femme talks about everything a sissy might want to know about becoming more feminine.

Devina Cox – Devina is a devotee to the Superor Female Spirit and subscribes to the idea that sissies should be kept in permanent chastity… just as she is. Her site has many erotic photos of Dommes, Tgirls and sissies alike.

Turn Me Into A Girl – A simple, straightforward site that answers some thoughtful questions and provides a few enlightening insights about becoming a girl.

Trap Sexy – How To Become a Sissy Trap: A full guide to becoming a sissy. Covers subjects such as: sissy sex toys, fashion, diet, fitness, grooming and voice feminization.

Nova Girl – This site pretty much has it all: feminzation training, sissy tests and quizzes, bimbofication, sissy psychology and a list of top 100 Tgirls. What more could a sissy possibly want?

Fiona Dobson’s Crossdressing Blog – Accept yourself as you are; create yourself as you desire. This is mostly a members only site but there is some free content too.

Sissy Chastity

Oxy-Shop – Affordable Chastity Devices for the Sissy

Chastity Cage Sizing Guide – Make Sure It’s Gonna Fit Before You Buy It

Sissy Chastity Devices – Useful Information About Chastity Cages

Sissy Shopping

Shoes Pie – My Go-To Place for High Heels

TooTimid – Sissy Dildos and Prostate Massagers

Love My Bubbles – Butt Lifting Shapewear

TooTimid – Sexy Sissy Lingerie

Sissy Hypno

Hypno Fetish – One of my favorite sissy hyno sites. Be sure to check out the title “Useless.” You can create your own personalized playlists.

Princess Fae – This is Princess Fae’s YouTube channel. She has several sissification, feminization and chastity hypno tracts. Awesome!

Keys To Feminization – This is David Bradley’s YouTube channel. I prefer the files that use the “Destiny” voice personna.

Bambi Sleep! – This site is all about “Bambi”, a fictional bimbo fuck doll.

eSuccubus – Elena Mclvor’s audios cover various subjects but she has many free files about pantied chastity, obeying females, and limpness. Intellectually stimulating with an enchanting voice.

Fiona Clearwater – Several files covering themes such as, Mistress/slave, cuckolding, orgasm denial, etc. Listening to Fiona’s voice is well worth the $5 per month Patreon pledge. She also has some videos on YouTube.

Warp My Mind – You can find some pretty good free files if you search around enough; audios like, “Permanent Bisexual Shemale Princess.”

Mistress Stella – Only a few free files but one of them, “Itty Bitty Clitty”, is one of my all-time favorites.

Hiphypno – I’ve never bought anything from them but some of the titles look interesting.

Spiral Seductions – A few sissy/feminization files are available.

Sissy Diet and Exercise

Custom Keto Diet – A Keto Diet Plan For Soon-To-Be Skinny Sissies

Unlock Your Glutes – A Program To Get a Round and Firm Booty

Sissy Waist Training and Corsets

Bunny Corset – Fashionable, High Quality Corsets and Waist Trainers

Discount Strippers – Sexy, Reasonably Priced Waist Cinching Corsets

Sissy Reddits

Sissies – All Things Sissy

Sissyology – Discussion on the Nature of Sissyhood

The Sissification Project– Sissy Goals and Progress

Sissy Chastity – Sissies in Chastity

Transvoice – Voice Feminization

Sissy Personals – Find a Daddy

Sissy Keyholder – For Keyholders and Non-Keyholders

Sissy Humiliation – Embracing the Humiliation Aspect of Sissyhood

BimboSissies – Bimbofication Meets Sissification

Remote Chastity Keyholder Apps

EmlaLock – Remote Keyholder Site (Free)

KeyHolder – Remote Keyholder Site (Free)

The CarliLock – Remote Keyholder Site (Free)

ChastityLocked – Remote Keyholder Site (Free)

ChronoVault – Remote Controlled Time-lock Lockbox (Way Too Expensive)

Sissy Training

Sissylover Sissification Academy – This is a lengthy, free and quite thorough sissy training program. I can personally vouch for it because I’ve been through their training.

The House of Sissify – I haven’t participated in this sissy training but it looks as if it could be pretty solid. They do charge for this program.

Sissy Related Communities

Get Girly – A Sissy School Forum

Hypno Fetish – Much More Than Just Sissy Hypno

Zity – A Kinkster Forum But There’s a Sissies and Femization Sub-Forum

Club Sissy – A Discussion and Personals Site Just For Sissies

Breast Nexum – Breast Development for All Girls… Even Sissies

Cuckold Place – For Sissies Who Fantasize About Being Cuckolded

BDSMLR – A Tumblr Alternative for the BDSM and Fetish Communities

Voice Feminization YouTube Videos

TransVoiceLessons – Zheanna Erose

The ‘One Step’ to Perfect Voice Feminization – Zoey Alexandria

Voice Femization Basics – Freya

Vocal Feminization Guide – Impulse Collective DID

Finding Your Female Voice – deepstealth

feminEssence – A Guided Meditation For Your Feminine Voice

Sissy and TG Support

Transgender Guide – Trans Chat, Forums and Information

Transgender Map – Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Gender Transition

Are you ready to go “Down The Sissification Rabbit Hole?” Then you’ll want to read this…

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