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My name is Jordyn, and I’ve had a fascination with all things feminine ever since I was a little kid. I have no idea how or where my interest in dressing up as a girl came from… and I don’t really care anymore. All I do know is that my feminine desires are not going anywhere—nor do I want them to!

Since my sexual preference is for the female gender—including CD, TG and sissies alike—labeling myself as a translesbian would seem appropriate at this point in my life.

That being said, while male-on-male sex doesn’t do anything at all for me, when I am dressed up I do occasionally have fantasies of being fucked by a man. I’m sure it has something to do with making me feel more of a woman… validating my femininity, so to speak.

For me, being a CD is all about the beautiful clothes—and the makeup, lingerie and high heels (altocalciphilia). I live to embrace everything that is ultra-feminine.

Perhaps you can relate?

I originally started SissyThings as simply a place to put up photos of some of the sexy CD, TG and sissies that I admired. Then I felt compelled to post an article. That one article led to two… then many more.

Things have now progressed to the point that I find myself working on SissyThings just about everyday!

I’m continually inspired to become as girly-girl as I can possibly be. Hopefully I can embolden you to be a more feminine, sexy sissy too.

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