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A Day in The Life of a Sissy French Maid

sissy french maid

I‘ve always considered french maids sexy as hell. A crossdressing french maid is even sexier in my estimation. But a sissy french maid is sexually-stunning beyond belief.

I used to have my very own french maid outfit and even wore it out one Halloween night. So yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a sissy-french-maid-super-fan.

That being the case, it wouldn’t surprise you if I have fantasized about serving as a full-time french maid to a beautiful, dominate woman. What would a typical day-in-the-life of a sissy french maid look like?

You’re gonna find out… right now!

The Sissy French Maid’s Day Begins

5:00 am. My day begins early as there is much to do for a full-time sissy french maid like like me. I stretch out in my canopied, queen sized bed, appropriately fitted with luxurious satin sheets. I run my long, perfectly manicured nails over my smooth, hairless body.

To keep my body smooth and sexy, my Miss requires that I shave every day. I consider it my morning feminine ritual; something that sissies such as myself do… without giving it a second thought. So I jump in the shower and make myself smooth. After toweling off, I get right to my makeup as I’m on a tight morning schedule.

It takes me about 45 minutes to put my face on—including fake lashes. My makeup must be impeccably applied and freshened-up often. It stays on all day, every day—including the lashes.

Next it’s time for me to put on my morning maids outfit. I have three of them; one in white satin; another is pink PVC; the last is a sexy black corset number. While the black one is not a traditional maids outfit, it works well for evening sexual entertainment, which occurs often.

This morning, I decide on the white satin one. It’s one of the few choices that I will be able to make today.

white satin french maid

Before donning my french maid outfit, I slip on a pair of matching white thong panties. The front panel of the panty covers up my chastity device perfectly—you would never know that I’m even wearing one.

It’s a flat, stainless steel cage which keeps my clitty completely hidden from view, leaving only a small, round, flat plate exposed. It makes it as though my sissy-sized-cock no longer even exists. And, since I’m required to wear it 24/7 (except for very brief, twice-per-week cleaning and shaving sessions), for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t.

Because of it’s continuously confined state, it’s now actually closer to the size of a real clitty rather than a pathetically-small cock. The smaller-than-you-can-imagine chastity device renders my tiny thingy to an invisible afterthought—just as it should be.

flat cage

Okay, I pull on my white, semi-translucent thigh-high stockings, slither into my satin maids outfit and slip on a pair of 5″ white patent pumps. A mid-length brunette wig finishes of my fantabulous french maid look.

And I do look fabulous. Miss Melanie demands it. It’s now time to wake her.

Waking up Miss

My maid’s quarters is on the first floor of the two story condo. I prance up the stairs perfectly in my heels and quietly enter the master bedroom suite. It’s now 6:30 and I’m not allowed to be one minute late.

I rub Miss Melanie’s shoulder lightly and wake her. If she wakes up horny, as she often does, she’ll snap her fingers and without a word I crawl between the sheets and gently lick her to a sweet morning orgasm.

But today is not one of those mornings as she has an early appointment at the office. She instructs me what clothes to lay out for her as she goes into the bathroom to shower and do her hair and makeup.

The master walk-in closet is something to behold. It’s the size of a small bedroom and filled with, expensive dresses, skirts, blouses and designer jeans. One section of the closet is reserved strictly for her extensive lingerie collection. I’m personally responsible for buying her intimates and I often shop online.

I lay out a gray, knee length tube skirt, an ultra-feminine cream-colored silk blouse and matching bra and panties from her dresser. Heels? For those I must go into her adjoining shoe closet which is half as big as the clothes closet.

high heel shoe closet

Miss happens to have a shoe fetish with hundreds of pairs of high-fashion heels and boots. Her massive footwear collection must be worth well over $100k as she rarely pays less than $500 for a pair of heels. I pick out a pair of light gray Louboutin open-toed pumps that I know sell for over $800.

It’s now time for me to scurry downstairs to prepare breakfast. I’m ahead of schedule as I don’t have to freshen my makeup, which I would normally need to do after orally servicing Miss.

Breakfast & My Daily Instructions

As I’m finishing up preparing two soft boiled eggs, a bowl of fruit and a cup of chamomile tea for Miss Melanie, into the kitchen she walks. She’s dressed and ready for for the office where she works as a VP of marketing at a high profile consulting firm.

Her slim and trim body looks absolutely stunning in the outfit that she had me lay out for her earlier. Overall, Miss is an extremely attractive woman and I feel so lucky in being allowed to serve as her sissy french maid.

I pull her chair out for her and stand confidently at attention, perfectly balanced atop my pretty white pumps. While she eats breakfast, I have my phone out, ready to jot down my daily instructions.

Today, Friday they include:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Pick up the dry cleaning
  • Get the car washed
  • Attend my Friday yoga class
  • Have my nails filled and polished

After arriving back home:

  • Check and filter Miss’s email
  • Order take-out for dinner tonight

Miss informs me that we will be having company for dinner tonight. She’s a girl named Karon that works with Miss and is one of her part-time lovers. She’s been over before.

After she’s finished eating, Miss Melanie gets up to leave and I hand her her purse. I then—like every weekday morning—get down on my knees and reverently kiss the pointy-toed tips of her Louboutin’s. I then make sure to carefully wipe my lipstick marks off with a tissue.

Miss always says that being adored and worshiped is the perfect way to begin her day. As for me, that erotic act of submission makes my sissy clitty twitch inside of my chastity cage.

Sissy Maid’s Workday Begins

Before I run out of the house to begin my errands, I must change out of my white satin sissy maid outfit into something more appropriate. Some days I just put on a pair of super-tight skinny jeans, a sexy top and open-toed pumps. Not today however.

Sissy Shop

I want to feel exceptionally feminine so after exchanging my white thigh-highs for some barely-nude nylons, I slip into a short red dress with a flared skirt and matching red 5″ heels. I look and feel fantastic.

I pack my yoga bag and strut out the door, my heels clicking daintily on the driveway as I walk to the garage taking short-sexy-sissy-steps.

After taking care of the shopping, picking up the dry cleaning and getting the car washed, I head over to the yoga studio for my 10 am class.

I use the ladies restroom/locker area to change into my yoga tights, sports bra and tiny crop top. Although the owners of the studio know that I’m not a GG, most of the members aren’t so sure. I’m a relatively small structured, slim sissy and my makeup is always done to perfection so I fit right in with the rest of the girls.

I manage to get lot’s of attention from both the women and men in class and I absolutely love it. I’m no different from most sissies in that I have a penchant for shamelessly flaunting my femininity.

After yoga, it’s time for my manicure. Miss Melanie insists that I have my acrylic nails filled and painted weekly as she’s ever the perfectionist and wants her sissy french maid to always be impeccably dressed and made-up. Who am I to complain? After all, she’s paying for it.

If you’ve ever had your nails done in a salon, I don’t need to tell what an incredibly sexy experience it is. And I get to bathe in this beautification process on a weekly basis. What a life.

I keep my nails long—a full 1″ past my finger tips—and squared off, just the way Miss prefers them. It’s taken close to a year to learn to function with nails this long, but, with time, it is amazing how comfortable a girl can become with this length. Personally, I would NEVER go back to having short nails!

sissy squared off nails

But back to reality. Time to head home and do some real work; which consists of checking and filtering Miss’s email and making sure the condo is picked-up and in order.

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t eaten anything yet, and I won’t—not until dinner time anyway. My Miss prefers her sissy french maid to be a skinny one, and that I am at 5’7″ and 127 pounds. She claims that seeing my slim, all-dolled-up body squeeze into my tight-fitting french maid outfit in the evening makes her wet. Hey, I’m just here to please.

Talking about dinner, my last chore for the day is to order the food that I will be serving for dinner tonight. After that chore is done, I can relax for awhile. No, I don’t cook or clean house. Miss says that’s too hard on my nails. She isn’t fond of paying for mid-week, touch-up polishes. I do clean-up the kitchen after meals, but I must always wear rubber gloves when doing so.

You may be thinking that this sissy maid has a pretty easy life. Perhaps I do. But just remember that my main job is to keep myself looking as sexy and desirable as possible for my Miss. Believe me, that’s not always as easy at it may appear.

Time to Dress for the Evening Events

It’s now going on 4:00 pm so it’s time to prepare myself for the evening events. Since we’re having company, I must look even hotter than I normally do.

I began by redoing my makeup… not from the ground up but I do retouch my contouring and apply a heavy coat of finishing powder. After re-spraying everything, I then put on an even longer, more dramatic set of lashes for the evening activities. I finish off my overlining my lips for a slutty look

I happen to have four predominant fetishes:

  • Long lashes
  • Longer nails
  • Higher heels
  • A wasp-waist

I must be a sissy.

Now I need to get into my black corset evening play outfit. Sounds easy but since it cinches down to 24″, and my waist measures 27″, it’s a shoe-horn-like process. I proceed to lace myself up and the corset—which I found over at Bunny Corset—magically molds me down to a super-skinny-wasp-waisted-sissy. I can barely breathe… but my job is to look however Miss wants me to look. As a sissy french maid, I just wear what I’m told to wear.

Get your own Bunny Corset HereSissy Corset

With my super-sexy outfit all laced-up, I slither into a smoke-black pair of 50 denier nylons and attach them to the garters of the corset. Stepping into my 5 1/2″ black patent pumps takes me straight to sissy heaven. I look and feel so incredibly sexy. But I have to look good for Miss and Karon. They can both be demanding bitches and expect a lot from me.

I check myself out in my bedroom mirror. I look absolutely-goddamn-drop-dead gorgeous!

wasp waisted sissy

I just now get a text from Miss saying to be ready at 5:30 sharp. Perfect. I have five minutes to spare and I don’t dare be late. I’ve been tardy before and believe me, it will never happen again. Miss happens to have a penchant for the riding crop and is not hesitant to use it when I don’t meet her expectations.

Miss Arrives Home for the Evening

Being ready means standing at attention near the front door and waiting for Miss to arrive. I decide to walk over to the foyer a couple minutes early, perched atop my sky-high heels, hands behind my back.

As she walks into the foyer I fall to my knees and greet her in appropriate fashion, with two light kisses on the pointed toes of each of her high heels. I quickly rise, keeping my hands behind my back.

Miss Melanie looks up-and-down at me with a critical but approving eyes. She barks out “Nails.” I immediately spread my hands out in front of me and show her my new manicure. I can tell she approves of the color that I picked out this week, a basic but-not-too-dark red.

I grab her purse and she orders me to meet her in the living room. I scurry off to the kitchen and pour Miss a glass of red vin. She is relaxing back onto the couch as I hand her her wine. Miss has a highly stressful—albeit very well paying—job and this is her way of unwinding.

“You know what to do”, she commands. And I do. I sit next to her on the floor, remove her heels and begin carefully massaging each nylon encased foot, one at a time. Miss coos with pleasure.

But she wants more. She snaps her fingers and I immediately respond, reach up under her tube skirt and very, very carefully pull down her too-expensive-thigh-high-stockings. I know better than to snag or run them—you already know about the crop.

After I have her stockings completely off, I take her right foot into my hands and began sucking on each of her perfectly manicured and prettily polished toes, spending about one minute on each toe.

sucking mistreses toes

I move my mouth to her left foot and with a quick glance, notice her left hand deftly move beneath her skirt. She begins to play with her clit through her panties with just one finger. By the time I reach the last toe, Miss is quietly moaning to a short-but-sweet climax. It won’t be her last of the evening.

Sissy Training

Karon Shows Up for Dinner

Right when Miss is recovering from her orgasm, the doorbell rings. It’s Karon arriving for dinner. I quickly jump to my feet, clickity-click to the front door and there stands Karon. She’s younger, taller and a bit better looking than Miss, but not quite as thin.

She steps inside and after closing the door behind her, I drop to my knees and greet her accordingly… with a light kiss on each of her toes showing through her open-toed, pink pumps. I can feel my sissy clitty leaking through my cage and into my panties. Karon went home to change after work and is wearing a pair of designer skinny jeans with a sexy, silk pink top that matches the color of her pumps perfectly.

Karon is not surprised by my subservient greeting. She’s the one who introduced Miss Melanie to it. Unlike Miss (who is bisexual), Karon is a staunch female supremacist and confirmed man-hater. Since I’m not a man by any means, she puts up with me—in a disdainful sort of way.

Right behind Karon, the food delivery boy arrives. He smirks as I take dinner from him. As I hand him his tip, I make sure the tips my nails lightly scratch the palm of his hand. I’m such a prick teaser.

I inform Karon that Miss is upstairs cleaning up. Just as I get the table all set and pour Karon a glass of wine, Miss comes down from upstairs wearing some shiny lycra tights, black patent pumps and a bright red, long sleeved blouse. Both of the women are stunning, however I happen to be the one who is definitely overdressed for the evening.

While the ladies eat dinner, I stand off to the side at attention, knees locked, legs perfectly straight. They converse about work and their sex lives, completely oblivious that I’m there listening to every word. Miss snaps her fingers as a command for me to pour more wine.

She casually mentions to Karon about her after-work climax earlier and then—mockingly—adds that her sissy maid (me) hasn’t had an orgasm in over a year.

That’s teasingly true. I know that the only way I will ever orgasm again is like a woman; NEVER a man. That will be by way of that elusive sissygasm.

sissy maid serving

Although a lesbian, Karon occasionally still yearns for penetrative sex, which she apparently hasn’t had for quite sometime. She can’t seem to find a man who is worthy of her. Perhaps her sissy can help out with that later, Miss chimes in.

When the ladies are finished eating I quickly clear the table and bring them another glass of wine into the living room where they have comfortably resettled. I return to the kitchen and daintily eat the leftovers. I’m only eat enough food to maintain my sexy, sissy figure. I’m an enthusiast of Kate Moss’s infamous saying:

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

The Evenings Entertainment Begins

Miss advises me that since I look so goddamn gorgeous tonight, Karon has invited me to be part of their evening entertainment. I’m ordered to go and reapply my lipstick and return wearing a strap-on dildo. Presumably, I’m going to be allowed to fuck Karon silly tonight.

In a way, I resent this. Karon, partly because she’s such a man-hater, is continually lobbying for Miss to have me castrated. Her reasoning is that since I don’t have anything that can be called a cock anymore, there’s no need for balls. She has a doctor friend—a fellow female supremacist—who will gladly do the orchiectomy gratis. Apparently, the lady doctor really gets off on performing that type of operation.

Miss Melanie has refused Karon’s idea for now. She acknowledges that my enthusiastic attitude for being such a superior sissy french maid, mainly stems from my continuous, low-level state of sexual frustration from being caged and permanently denied. All of my stifled sexuality is transformed into taking care of, and pleasing, my Miss.

Anyway, after redoing my lipstick, I strap the dildo harness snugly over my corset. The end of the dildo rests nicely against the front of my flat-surfaced chastity cage. Returning to the living room, the dildo flopping from where my dick used to reside, I find the two girls kissing and fondling each other. I must make for quite the sight: A corseted sex-doll sporting a harnessed dildo, because Karon abruptly stops fondling Miss and stares, wide-eyed, at me.

lesbians lovers

Things Begin to Heat Up

“She’s all yours Karon”, pointing to her sissy french maid. Karon slips off her heels followed quickly by her jeans.  She positions herself on all fours, on the carpeted floor, and commands, “Get your ass over here sissy bitch and take off my panties.” I do as I’m told, remove her panties and position myself between her luscious legs, the dildo hovering at the entrance of her wet and waiting pussy.

“Ask for permission to enter”, says Miss. “Request permission to fuck”, I blurt out. I may not get much pleasure from this but a chastised sissy has to take sex whenever and however she can get it. “At my command”, says Miss.

I wait patiently, the head of my sissy clitty twitching against the flat surface of my ridiculously tiny cage, which in turn, serves as a base for the dildo. You may not be quite ready for a super-small chastity device like I wear, but it’s something all sissies should aspire to. There’s nothing sexier than a sissy french maid that has transformed her once-manly-cock into an impotent nub that refuses to become hard any more.

Miss snaps her fingers, which is my signal to enter Karon’s deliciously wet-and-waiting pussy.

If you’ve never fucked a girl with a dildo harness—while in chastity—you’re missing out on quite an experience. Vague memories of fucking women like a real man resurface. However you know you’re not going to be getting any sexual relief. On the contrary, you feel more emasculated, humiliated and sexually frustrated than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Being used as a slutty sex-doll is something only a sissy can fully appreciate. In this scenario, a sissy’s only role is to provide as much pleasure as possible. So that’s what I concentrate on… fucking the shit out of Karon.

Of course Karon isn’t the only one enjoying this. Miss is so turned on by the sight of her sissy french maid fucking her lesbian lover that she’s busily fingering herself to her second orgasm of the evening.

While Miss is in the process of moaning-out her climax, Karon is getting close herself. The only problem is that I’m physically beginning to run out of sissy steam. My too-tightly-laced-up-corset is drastically limiting the air flow in and out of my lungs and I’m having difficulty keeping up the proper pace to bring Karon to the promised land. Karon is screaming, “faster you cunt!” I may be a sissy-cunt but I’m not getting faster… I’m slowing down.

Miss Melanie senses Karon’s frustration with me. “Time to go to the whip”, she mutters. Miss is now on her feet, standing behind me with her raised riding crop. “Don’t worry Karon Baby, this sissy-slut IS going to bring you home.”

sissy riding crop

Miss proceeds to deliver three sharp cracks to my ass. If you’ve never been hit hard with a riding crop, it’s impossible to appreciate the searing pain that it inflicts. I have two choices at this point: crumple in exhaustion and receive the beating of my sissy life for failing to perform my duties OR… keep fucking like a sissy is supposed to do in this situation.

Sissy Webcam

I opt for the latter. Miss realizes that she must ride a fine line between breaking me completely and spurring me on to bring her lover home.

She knows what she’s doing however, and she backs off a bit, inflicting a few well timed strokes of the crop. I respond accordingly, spurred on by not only the cruelness of the crop, but knowing that this is making Miss even wetter than she was before.

Five more minutes—although it seems like an eternity—of excruciating pain and exhaustion later (for me anyway), Karon finally screams out, signifying an explosive orgasm. But she’s just getting started and demands more. Miss keeps whipping, I keep fucking and Karon keeps cumming… four more goddamn times!

I’m finally allowed to pull out and collapse between Karon’s trembling legs. I’m more exhausted and in more pain than I have ever been in my entire sissy life.

Miss goes over to kiss and fondle Karon. They both eventually get up off the floor and, without a word, walk arm-in-arm upstairs to bed.

After administering such a harsh and lengthy cropping like that, Miss is usually so damn horny that she has me crawl between her legs and lick her to an earth-shattering orgasm. But tonight she has Karon for that.

Me? I’m left to clean up the mess.

My Sissy French Maid Day Has Come to an End

With my ass on fire from the brutal and cruel caning I just received, I literally wobble on my high heels into my bedroom. Slipping off my heels and maids outfit, I barely have enough energy to unlace my breath-sucking corset.

I slide between the satin sheets still wearing my nylons, bra and panties. I’ll also be sleeping in my makeup tonight, foregoing my nightly sissy skin care routine. Since tomorrow is Saturday, I will be allowed to sleep in until 7 am, thank god.

As I drift off into sissy dreamland, two thoughts take turns dominating my mind. The first is that since I provided Karon with such an epic fucking, maybe she’ll back off from constantly badgering Miss about the idea of me undergoing an orchiectomy (castration).

Secondly: my sissy clitty is proudly pulsing inside my chastity cage at the thought of how cute I’ll look in the morning serving the ladies breakfast in bed, all dolled up in my pink PVC french maid outfit.

sissy maid pink pvc

Is There a Sissy French Maid Inside of You?

Living as a full-time sissy maid would make for the ultimate sissy lifestyle. In order to reach that place in your sissification process, a sissy must find a way to enhance—and even escalate—her enthusiasm for being a sissy. There’s not much hope for an unmotivated sissy.

The best, and pretty much the only way to stay inspired is to stop thinking, acting, looking and cumming like a man. You need to sexually deny yourself in order to reach that special sissy state of mind where you are maintaining a constant level of erotic desire—a continual craving for emasculation, feminization and sissification.

To be a serious sissy, you absolutely must have a chastity device! You can find out more about them on my Sissy Chastity Devices Page.

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