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7 Reasons Why Sissies Should Practice Yoga

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There are not very many activities you can do that will enhance your feminization program more than practicing yoga. Right on the heels of perfecting your makeup skills, a regular yoga practice will take your femininity to a loftier level.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1 – Feminine Flexibility and Posture

Generally speaking, what do girls have that guys don’t?

If you said “nice tits” that would be correct… but not quite the answer I was looking for. What else women have over men is that they’re more flexible and usually, have much better posture.

Being flexible and possessing perfect posture are synonymous with feminine grace. For example, have you ever admired how certain women can look so elegant while effortlessly prancing around in heels? Of course you have, you’re a sissy.

walking in heels

What you may not realize is that her hamstrings are way more flexible than yours. Those supple hammys enable her to land on that very high heel with a perfectly straight and sexy leg. Of course yoga supports her entire body in being more flexible, allowing her to move about in a more free-flowing and gracefully feminine manner.

Her elegance is further enhanced by her impeccable posture—tummy tucked in, pelvis tilted forward and shoulders pulled back. Whether she’s standing, sitting or walking, she possesses the posture of a gymnast, dancer or yes… a yogi.

Want to have a flexibly feminine body and improve your posture as well? Begin a yoga practice.

2 – Reduce Stress and Stay Young

Genetic women are obsessed with staying young. And so are you sissy sweetheart—or at least you should be. Yoga can be your meal-ticket to youthfulness.

Speaking of meal-tickets… eating a ketogenic diet will go a long way in helping you to look and feel younger.

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But back to yoga and youthfulness. The symbiotic link between the two is stress—or the lack of it. Stress will cause you to age way faster than you need to. Yoga is the consummate stress reliever.

It’s all about the breath… and letting go of earthly matters, even if it’s only for an hour. It helps you to surrender to what IS while allowing things—and people—to be the way they are.

Eliminating stress, will help you to look, act and feel younger and thus, enhance your femininity. Yoga will take you there. It’s a nice place to be.

3 – Skinny and Toned Makes For A Sexy Sissy

sissy skinny toned

No, yoga by itself will not get you skinny. But it will burn a few calories while introducing you to a more healthy lifestyle. Yoga will inspire you to eat cleaner and maybe even less.

The various postures will tone your arms and legs and give you a sexier ass along with a tighter tummy. It won’t happen overnight, but over time you will see a difference. Want to look awesome in that stunning new number? Yoga will help you to become more sexy, desirable and irresistibly feminine.

4 – Flaunting Your Femininity

Overall, yoga is a predominately feminine activity. Women make up 75% of the yoga scene. That percentage is only an average though. I’ve been in yoga classes where half were men. I’ve also been the only guy in the class—many times!

I’m unlike 99% of other men who practice yoga. My entire body is shaved. My ears are pierced. I wear short and tight fitting yoga pants. Underneath those shorts my thong panties serve to keep my manhood discretely tucked away. Yoga class is the perfect public place for me to not-so-subtly flaunt my feminine side.

Yes, I still get looks from girls which is more than fine with me since I’m a heterosexual sissy. Do some of the women or men in class wonder I’m gay? I really don’t know and frankly, couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

Yoga can be a great way for you to express your femininity in a predominately feminine atmosphere.

5 – Sexy Sissy Yoga Gear

sexy sissy yoga gear

Sissy Training

Yes, I already alluded to this in reason number 4 above. As a sissy, there’s absolutely no need to dress like the typical yoga guy in class with those ugly, baggy shorts. Wearing tight fitting yoga pants over a pair of thong panties feels oh-so sexy. Combine that with a silky soft tank top or t-shirt and you’ll be in sissy yoga heaven.

It’s not about being able to get away with wearing feminine yoga gear, but more about having the self-confidence to wear whatever the fuck you want.

BTW, I never take my top off in yoga class. It’s not because that I can’t pull it off as I have a slim, sexy body with a flat tummy (5′ 7″ and 133 pounds). It just wouldn’t be the lady-like thing to do now, would it?

6 – Sissies Should Hang Out With Inspirational Role Models

We all tend to become products of our environment. If you want to be the girl of your dreams, then why not hang out with other girls?

sissy role models

In a yoga class you are constantly surrounded by graceful femininity. Women have their own natural way of moving which, as a sissy, you want to emulate. Other than attending a high-class cocktail party surrounded by beautiful women in expensive dresses and ultra-high heels, yoga class is the next best thing.

Basking in their feminine ambiance will, over time, tend to rub off on you.

7 – Sissy Meets Her Match

Some girls are actually attracted to men who are not afraid to embrace their feminine side. By attending yoga class, you are—for the most part—announcing to the world that you’re not the stereo-typical alpha/macho male. Many woman will applaud your willingness to share your vulnerability.

two girls kissing

Sissy Webcam

If you’re attracted to and prefer to be with women (like I am), then what better place to maybe meet your match. No, this aspect of yoga probably shouldn’t be your primary reason for taking up the practice but… it’s always nice to have side benefits.

So there you go my sweet little sissy. Seven solid reasons to begin a yoga practice.

Of course you can get many of the same benefits from yoga with a home practice. There are some outstanding yoga videos on YouTube. But trust me, it’s just not the same as taking classes in a yoga studio.

Being in the midst of lean, toned and sexy women, dressed in even sexier yoga outfits, can be a sissy’s paradise. Why not drop in on a class and see for yourself sometime soon.

Want a Way to Complement Your Yoga Practice?

Yoga will do wonders for your mind and body. But if you’re wanting an even better body, you might find this article: The Sissy Feminizing Workout For an Hourglass Figure to be more-than-enlightening. It’s a guide that will help you achieve a much-desired sissy-figure-to-die-for.

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