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A Sissy’s Sexual Preference

a sissy's sexual preference

When it comes to their sexual preference, sissy’s specifically, and crossdressers in general, tend to be put into a convenient, one-size-fits-all shape of container.

But as a sissy, you have a deep-seated knowingness—that runs from the bridge of your carefully contoured nose down to the pointed tips of your pumps—that any short-sighted notions of what sissies desire, fall even shorter when trying to explain who you might find attractive.

But in order to intelligently—and compassionately—delve into this theme of the sexual preferences of a sissy, we’re going to have to establish, in a very global sense, some universal characteristics that us sissies do share.

What Makes a Sissy a Sissy?

what makes a sissy a sissy

A simple and succinct answer to that question would be:

“A sissy is a MtF crossdresser that has an unmistakably strong submissive streak.”

For a more in-depth discussion of what it means to be a sissy you might find this article, What Does it Mean to Be a Sissy, enlightening.

Of course how you, or someone else, might define ‘sissy’ could vary quite a bit… and that’s okay. For me, the above very broad definition simply and effectively conveys the essence of sissyness.

Common Misperceptions About a Sissy’s Sexual Preference

common misperceptions about sissies

If an otherwise uninformed person would stumble upon popular sissy hypno files and video sites that cater to so-called sissies, they would come to the conclusion that sissies, for the most part, are cock craving gay faggots obsessed with swallowing copious amount of cum while dressed in super-slutty feminine attire.

If dressing super-sexy is your thing, then a great place to buy that ultra-feminine sissy stuff.

Now while these precepts may accurately characterize some sissies, they’re definitely NOT true for all of us.

Sissy Shop

The same uninformed person above might be surprised to learn that:

  • The vast majority of sissies are heterosexual
  • For many sissies, it’s really just all about the clothes
  • Embracing femininity is a way for a sissy to become who they admire most

If you were able to peer inside the pretty little brain of a sissy you would find an exceptionally sophisticated—yet complex—creature that may have a multitude of diverse reasons of how and why they choose to express their submissive feminine desires.

Gender Identity vs Sexual Orientation

gender identity vs sexual orientation

It’s oh-so obvious as to what gender a sissy identifies with—sissies love and adore everything feminine. They not only identify with females but crave everything that shrieks ultra-femininity. The fact that sissies feel more comfortable dressing as a woman rather than a man, has absolutely nothing to do with a sissy’s sexual orientation.

It’s vitally important to not fall into the tenuous trap that many wind up doing—assuming that one’s gender identity has anything remotely to do with their sexual preference.

Allow me to use myself as an example. Although I love women’s lingerie, sexy dresses and especially high heels… I’m very attracted to females. If I’m dressed in feminine attire while identifying completely as a woman, and I happen to be kissing another girl, does that make me a lesbian or a straight male?

What if I’m dressed to the ‘nines’ as woman and feel compelled to have sex with a man? Am I now all of a sudden a straight female—because I’m acting, dressing and being a girl with a guy—or gay because I was born a man?

One may wonder that, if I consider myself otherwise straight, why in the world would I want to have sex with a man while dressed as a woman?

I can only speak for myself but having sex with a male—dressed as a sexy sissy—would make me feel even more like a woman, validating my femininity in the most ultimate of ways. Although I haven’t taken this step yet, I know I soon will.

Conversely, while in male mode, it would be a complete turn-off for me to have sex with a man. Go figure?

Sissy Training

It would be easy to cavalierly say that I’m bi-sexual (or bi-curious) but that would incredibly inaccurate. I’m simply not at all attracted to men while I’m in male mode!

Still using myself as an example, what would you say my sexual preference is? Things aren’t so black and white as we would like to make them out to be—but rather several shades of pink.

Here are a few sexual preferences that someone could apply to me:

  • Gay
  • Straight
  • Faggot
  • Bi-sexual
  • Bi-curious
  • Pansexual
  • Heteroflexible
  • Translesbian

Wow… so many possibilities! I’m wondering why, as a society, we feel compelled to categorize and classify—not only people’s sexual preferences—but everything else under the sun and stars?

Wouldn’t the world be a lot more peaceful and less complicated if we all just relaxed, let go and wave the white flag… allowing everyone to be attracted to whoever they fucking find attractive, without placing some sort of subjective stipulation on them?

A Sissy’s Sexual Orientation?

sissy sexual orientation

Unlike having a predominate gender identity, the average sissy doesn’t necessarily have a clear, defined sexual preference—which is another way of saying that there is no such animal as the average sissy. From what I have learned, every sissy is a uniquely feminine creature whose sexual attraction defies analysis.

Where one sissy might crave sucking cock—another enjoys licking pussy—while still another has a penchant for performing both activities during in the same sexual encounter.

Sissy Webcam

Attempting to figure out a sissy’s sexual orientation is like looking for some sort of logic—but the logic has escaped and it’s creating mayhem amongst villagers.

The time has come to allow sissies to like whoever they feel like liking, whatever gender that person might be. That also means that we sissies can arbitrarily change our mind about who we’re attracted to any goddamn fucking time we want to!

Taking Your Sissification Desires To a Deeper Place

If you already identify with being aa sissy, then you’ve come to know and accept your subservient nature. But there’s a much deeper level level of submission that can be experienced by becoming a cuckolded sissy husband—or boyfriend.

The cuckold lifestyle is not for every sissy, but if you’re at all intriqued, there are some intensely erotic benefits associated with it. Read more about the perks of becoming a Sissy Cuckold Husband.

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