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The Courage to be a Sissy

courage to be a sissy
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It takes a lot of courage to be a sissy—on several different levels. In fact, a sissy should never underestimate just how much bravery is really required while undergoing the sissification process.

It’s not too much of a stretch to compare embracing your sissyness to a personal growth program.

Please stifle those sissy giggles right now princess. Becoming ‘more’, when pursing any endeavor always requires you to move outside of your comfort zone. And as a sissy, you will have ample opportunities to do just that.

Accept Yourself For Who You Really Are

accept yourself

It takes a good amount of courage to come to terms with who you are. There can be several sissy starts-and-stops along the way. Sissy things always seem to start-up again, don’t they?

You can experience all the shame, guilt and purging episodes you want, but in the end—your sissy desires never really seem go away.

Instead of riding an emotional roller coaster that runs the gamut of confusing and conflicting feelings: between ecstasy, excitement, anxiousness and depression, why not just accept the fact that you’re a sissy?

Sure, your sissyness can certainly morph into something new and different along the way. But your fascination for femininity is part of your essence. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It just IS.

Be nice to yourself and accept who you are.

Taking Your First Sissy Steps

first sissy steps

Your very first sissy steps only take a small amount of courage. Below is a list of activities that any sissy can begin to incorporate into her life—without running off and hiding in the hamper.

  • Begin wearing panties. No one will know (except maybe your wife, GF or the nurse in emergency)
  • Paint your toenails with clear, matte polish
  • Let your fingernails grow out a bit. Shape them with a file instead of cutting them
  • Get your ears pierced. It’s no big deal anymore
  • Shave your body. It’s no big deal anymore
  • Let your hair grow out—a little or a lot

Yes you may get a few comments—and sideways glances—at first. But your friends and family will adjust to your new look much quicker that you might think.

The thing to remember is that people are focused on their own life 99% of the time, and maybe 1% (if that) of yours. They really don’t give a rat’s ass about how you choose to live… or look.

The only thing holding you back from incorporating any of the above, is you. Remember, a sissy’s life begins on the other side of her comfort zone.

Subtly Reveal Some of Your Sissyness

reveal sissyness

Yes, you’ve already started to subtly show some of your sissy-side by taking a few of the above steps. But now it’s time to take things a wee-bit further along the sissification path.

For example, start painting your toenails using a feminine color of polish. You can wear socks during the winter and go back to clear polish for the summer months.

I vividly remember taking my first stroll around my neighborhood with my toenails prettily polished pink—wearing flip-flops. I was absolutely terrified.

No one noticed. Hell, there was hardly anyone outdoors at all. And those that were, certainly weren’t focusing on my feet, much less me. Now-a-days, revealing my painted toenails in public is nothing more than a nice walk-in-the-park.

Another thing you can do to reveal your sissyness is to start buying girl’s clothes almost exclusively. If you think about it, women and men dress more alike than not. Unisex.

Jeans are jeans. A long-sleeve T-shirt is a long-sleeve T-shirt. Yes, there are subtle differences of course. It will make you feel more feminine knowing that you are wearing clothes that were made exclusively for women.

One of my favorite tops is one with extra-long sleeves that cover the hands. You know, the type with a thumb-hole. Very girly, which is the whole point. I love wearing it and no one seems to notice or care.

The idea I’m espousing here is to subtly—and maybe not-so-subtly—push the sissy fashion envelope to the feminine fringe. Then dare someone to say something. They probably won’t. And if they do, it will most likely be a compliment.

Sissy Shop

Spend Some Money on Sissy Stuff

money sissy stuff

In case you haven’t noticed, it cost more money to be a girl than a guy. For the things that both women and men have in common, like clothes and shoes, there is a huge disparity in monetary outlay.

Not only do girls typically have more clothes and shoes than guys, they tend to be more pricey. Like a LOT more. Having a heel fetish like I do can get exorbitantly expensive!

Then there’s all the things than sissies need to buy that most guys never give a second thought to. Like:

  • Lingerie
  • Wigs
  • Nylon stockings
  • Beauty supplies – Makeup
  • Breast forms
  • Jewelry
  • Hair removal
  • Dildos and prostate massagers

What this all boils down to is that you will need to develop the self-discipline (a form of courage) to set aside funds for feminine necessities. There’s no other way around it.

You need to make the choice between beer and beauty. Lethargy or lingerie.

Depending on how serious you take your sissification endeavors, it may be necessary to create an extra income flow to finance your affection for femininity.

Spend Some Time on Beautification

beautiful nails

If you think spending money on beauty will take some moxie, then the amount of courage needed for time spent on beautification will be 10X that. And no, I’m not exaggerating at all.

As a former male, it will be quite enlightening to realize how much time women actually spend on beautification. It is so much easier to be a man, it’s downright ridiculous!

You will soon gain a more-than-healthy appreciation for the dedication—and courage—it takes to become a fully-feminized sissy.

Genetic girls have spent their entire lives putting forth the extra effort it takes to look beautiful. Yes, they are very experienced and have perfected the process. Most women have come to accept, and even embrace the time it takes to look their very best.

But for a sissy, the extraordinary effort and energy required for beauty can come as a mind-jolting shock.

Think of the lengths that a typical woman goes to to be beautiful:

Sure, a man may spend a significant about of time on diet and exercise, but for the other things on that list, only a fraction of effort is expended (if that) compared to a woman.

It takes quite a bit of courage to go from spending virtually no time on beautification to a time expenditure of two hours a day to become a fascinating, feminine creature.

But if that all of the above sounds daunting, consider the learning curve involved to become merely capable of something like applying makeup.

GG’s have spent their entire lives mastering makeup. It’s going to take hours-and-hours of practice just to become somewhat competent. That, darling, is gonna take some compelling courage on your part.

Leaving the House


As you’ve no doubt noticed, each of the above sissy steps requires a bit more courage, in descending order. The cool thing is, as you move through the sissification process, your courage will expand accordingly. You slowly and surely condition yourself to become a more courageous sissy.

Leaving the house while all dolled-up can be the scariest thing in the world. Especially if you’re heading out solo. That first high-heeled-step will take some courage!

Sissy Training

But what I’ve found from personal experience is that after going out in public five times, the fear pretty much subsides. The trick is to make it through the first four times.

I came up with a little sissy-hack that has worked really well for me in the past. You can read all about it: A Sissy Tip For Crossdressing in Public.

Once you get to the point where you can saunter out of the house and feel comfortably excited about it, your sissy life will never be the same.

Sissy Sex – With Someone Else!

sissy sex

You’ve possibly become quite the expert sexually satisfying yourself with sissy sex toys. Dildos, butt-plugs, prostate massagers>, magic wands and the like.

Inserting a reasonably sized dildo up your sissy pussy for the first time can take a good amount of courage.

But sooner or later, the desire for the real thing will push you to finding a real, live person with a real, live cock. If you prefer men, then you probably won’t have much trouble find someone suitable.

If, on the other hand, you’re attracted to women, then you will likely want to seek out a CD, TG or a sissy like yourself.

But even if men don’t do it for you, something can be said for having sex with a guy while all dressed up, even if it’s only a way to validate your femininity. You will never know how much you might like it—or not—until you try. You just might surprise yourself!

Whoever this real, live cock happens to be attached to, you might find, as I did, that the real thing is much nicer than it’s silicone step-sister.

It will certainly take some courage, and willingness to expose your vulnerability, to have sissy sex with another person. I would recommend that you try it out sometime. It doesn’t have to be more than a one-time thing. And you can then leave it at that.

Stepping Out of the Sissy Closet

out of the closet

Of all the things already mentioned, this one will require you to take all of the above courageous acts, add them all up, then multiply that number by X.

The reason I’m not sure about the proper multiplier to use is that I haven’t personally been in the position to tell everyone I know about my secret sissy desires.

The courage that it would take to come out of the sissy closet to family, friends, co-workers, etc. is probably the bravest thing you will ever do in your entire lifetime.

Before coming clean, I would make absolutely sure that you’re TG and have an overwhelming desire to live the rest of your life as a sissified girly-girl.

All of the time! Not just when you’re feeling particularly horny.

The thing is, once words come out of your mouth, they can never be taken back. You are never absolutely sure how the people that matter to you the most will react to your revelation.

Sissy Webcam

If you keep your mouth shut (for now) you retain your options. You always have the choice to reveal your true-self to the world—or to whomever and whenever you want. But it doesn’t have to be today… or tomorrow.

Serious Sissy Transition

sissy transition

If you have the courage to ‘out’ yourself to the world, then you are definitely brave enough to start transitioning. I’ve thought long and hard about this myself. I’ve read some really amazing books written by people who have actually transitioned.

From what I can ascertain, transitioning is a lengthy, daunting and expensive process that is NOT for the weak of heart. Talking about this subject any further is way above my pay-grade and expertise—which I admittedly have absolutely none.

Transitioning is seriously courageous stuff. It’s something that you will want to talk to a professional TG therapist about. Perhaps more than one.

When it comes to doctors who specialize in gender affirmation surgery, you definitely want more than one opinion. Apparently, they are not all created equal.

The Opposite of Courage is Fear

courage fear

The fascinating thing about courage is that, unlike the cowardly lion in the Wizard of OZ, courage is not something you can automatically get by receiving a courage-certificate.

It can, however, be cultivated and developed. It only takes a small sampling of it on your part to get things rolling. Then, as outlined above, courage can begin to grow like a snowball headed downhill.

You’re best and brightest sissy-life lies just on the other side of fear. Be brave my sissy darling.

The Time to be a Sissy is Now!

In the entire history of the world, there’s never been a better time to be a sissy. To support that not-so-bold statement, I invite you to read: 13 Reasons Why There’s Never Been a Better Time To Be a Sissy.

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