A Sissy Tip For Crossdressing in Public

crossdressing in public

Now that the LGBT movement has gained some significant momentum and removed much of the social stigma surrounding TGs and crossdressers—it’s-about-goddamn-time—you, as a sissy, are now freer than ever to express your femininity more openly.

How ‘openly’ is for you to decide.

You may be perfectly happy to explore your dressing endeavors within the confines of your safe and happy home.

Or, because of your family situation, it might not be an option for you to publicly show-off your femininity right now.

But—the situation otherwise permitting—maybe you’re beyond ready to put that seriously cute, ultra-feminine dress (with you wearing it) on public display sometime soon… or maybe even sooner than that?

Or perhaps, like me, you already have.

Whatever stage you happen to be at in anticipating, or making, your first public appearance, you might come face-to-face with the same stumbling block that all of us sissies wrestle with.

In order to flaunt our femininity out in the real world we need to face our fear of doing so. We appear to be deathly afraid of…

Crossdressing in Public – What others might think of us!

Especially if we don’t consider ourselves all that passable.

My fear of being ‘clocked’ and even worse—being snickered and laughed at—kept me locked away in my closet (aka prison) for way too long.

But by implementing a cool trick that racehorse trainers use, I figured out a way to strut confidently—in my 5″ heels nonetheless—out-and-about in public with hardly a care of what others might think, say or do.

At the risk of putting the cart in front of Cinderella’s mice, allow me to retrace my steps for a moment.

The Aloof Hottie

aloof hottie

While out shopping, have you ever noticed how attractive women, more-often-than-not, make it a point to not smile or look at men (yeah, you) while walking through the store?

Although they appear to be acting like stuck-up, snotty bitches, that’s not usually the case.

Sissy Shop

The truth is that good looking women are constantly being approached by men.

Since you’re a confirmed sissy, that probably doesn’t apply to you. Your little dick is more than likely frightened of pussy, which would prevent you from approaching an attractive woman.

Sorry sweetie… got off track there.

Anyway, this situation can be problematic for girls since they don’t really want to waste a bunch of time talking to men that they’re not the slightest bit interested in.

So, in order to move about their day with some semblance of freedom, they have adopted this defensive tactic of looking straight ahead while wearing an aloof look on their face.

It serves to keep the constant hounding by horny guys to a bare minimum.

They take on the look of a racehorse wearing blinders.

Wearing Race Horse Blinders

racehorse blinders

And that’s what you can do while strutting your stuff out in the public arena—albeit to achieve a different objective than the above mentioned hottie.

After getting all prettied up, but before walking out the front door, pretend that you have a set of blinders on—ones that will force your gaze to be focused directly ahead of you, and nowhere else!

The idea is to place yourself in a surreal state of mind where you’re the only person that seemingly exists. You don’t pay the slightest attention to any other person, much less say anything to them.

Your goal is to look, act and feel exactly like a hot, snotty little bitch. Of course you will want to be looking your absolute best while adopting this persona.

What you will find is that if you completely ignore everyone that happens to be in your immediate vicinity, they are, for all intents and purposes, not really there.

If no one is there, there’s nobody’s opinions to be afraid of.

Sissy Training

It’s almost like you’re taking a stroll through the mall filled with mannequins.

Now we both know you’re not really an aloof super-bitch-from-hell. Then again, perhaps you are 🙂

In any case, the idea with this racehorse blinder technique is to enable you to move past your fear of going out in public while you’re all dolled-up.

I’ve recently tried it and it works like a charm!

After doing this a few times you will come to realize the truth…

That people are so absolutely absorbed in the thoughts, feelings and drama of their own lives that very few will give you a second look, much less a first.

And for the microscopically small percentage of people that do take notice, you won’t be noticing them noticing you, because you have your blinders on.

Repeat after me…

If you’re not aware of their existence, they’re not really there.

The Truth About Taking Your Crossdressing In Public

social crossdresser

I hate to break this to you sweetie but…

Friends and family aside, people really don’t care what the fuck you do with your life!

Sissy Webcam

Yeah that sounds crass, unkind… even heartless—but it’s the honest-to-god TRUTH.

I would go one sissy-step further and say that it would be positively pretentious (even arrogant) of you to think otherwise.

Even though I mentioned it earlier, it bears repeating…

People are so self-absorbed with the everyday dealings of their own lives that they don’t give a rat’s-ass if you dress-up—whether it’s in the privacy of your own home or out in the public arena.

What makes you so goddamn important where society is going to come to a complete stand-still and notice what you’re wearing? Well, if it happens to be a super-sexy mini dress that comes up to your ass, they probably will. But other than that scenario, you’ll probably be okay.

When you’re feeling particularly fearful about the thought of presenting yourself to a social setting, take this saying—uttered once upon a time by a guy named Rumi—to heart:

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”

One Last Thing About Crossdressing in Public

Once you do muster the courage to get out-and-about and test out this simple little sissy tip, you will want to make sure that you’re sporting a flat, feminine front. Which means you need to know how to “tuck“ properly. The Sissy Tucking Guide will show you how to do just that.

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