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How to Get Your Wife or Girlfriend to Turn You Into Her Sissy Maid

sissy maid

What an amazing fantasy! To be a submissive sissy maid/slave to your dominate wife or girlfriend. Imagine what it would be like…

Dressing up every morning in your sissy maid outfit and attending to your Mistress in any fashion that pleases her. For a sissy to be able to serve a woman and fulfill all her desires is as close to sissy nirvana that you will ever get.

I certainly harbor my own fantasies about what a day in the life of a sissy french maid would look like. Alas, I’m single as I write this so I’ll continue to dream on.

But you’re probably not. Chances are that you are in a relationship—likely with an unsupportive wife or GF. How can you ever convince her to embrace your sissy desires and allow you to treat her as the queen that she is? How can you persuade her to see the life of luxury she’s missing out on?

Give Whatever You Want

give whatever you want

There is a principle at play in the universe that says:

“Whatever you want, give it away first”

You may have heard of this and actually embrace the concept or… it might seem completely counter-intuitive to you. Whatever the case, I’ve found that it works really well—for me anyway.

If you want money, give money.

If you want love, give love.

If you want to be a sissy maid, then start acting like one—in a sweet, subtle way.

Subtle is the Operative Word


Please realize that your wife or GF has been thoroughly culturally conditioned, just like the rest of us. With all of the social morals, parental biases and religious precepts that are hammered into our souls from birth, it can be difficult for many to overcome this well-meaning propaganda and see the truth.

Not everyone can be as sexually enlightened like us sissies seem to be.

So don’t expect your significant other to easily overcome her early childhood conditioning so she can fulfill—from her perspective—your perverted fantasies.

If you want her to eventually embrace your submissive sissy desires you will need to put into action a slow and subtle system. So subtle that she barely even notices that anything is different about you at first.

You will want to employ a concept known in psychological circles as systematic desensitization. This is where small, baby-like steps are used to overcome unfounded fears.

Yes, she will likely be afraid of how your sissy desires might ruin the relationship you now both share, and possibly destroy her entire life.

Where to Begin

where to begin

This isn’t too hard to figure out sweetie. Begin by doing little things around the house that a sissy maid would typically do.

  • Clean up the kitchen
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Drive the kids to…
  • Fix-up the outside of the house
  • Ask her what she prefers in the bedroom

Don’t tell her that you love her. Show her that you love her with your actions!

In short… be a model husband or boyfriend

Unless she’s a stone-cold-hearted-bitch-from-hell, she WILL come around. At some point she will feel compelled to return your love. It’s human nature!

How? Maybe by opening her heart to the possibility of a Mistress/sissy relationship. It might take months, or even years. That’s okay, because you are in no hurry to make anything happen. At the very least, you will have paved a path to fostering a more communicative and loving relationship.

Only you know if she possesses the potential of being worthy of your loving efforts. Yes, you most likely know her better than anyone else in the world. I would advise however to keep an open mind about what you think she is capable of. She just might surprise the hell out of you!

When the Time is Right

when the time is right

At some point, when the woman in your life can’t help but notice that there’s something definitely different about you and you get the sense that she might be open to experiencing something new and exciting in your relationship, it’s time to expose yourself as the sissy you are.

This can be via a sit-down talk or—even a love letter. Yes, you’re taking a calculated risk, but by honestly revealing your true feelings, you open up the opportunity of taking your relationship to a more intimate, exciting and loving level.

Sissy Webcam

On he flip side, if she appears oblivious to your subtle submissive overtures and you’re convinced that she will not be open to exploring your sissy side, then you have an important question to ask of yourself.

What do you value more… maintaining your somewhat satisfactory, albeit unfulfilling relationship? Or being true to your inner-most sissy self?

Beyond Being a Sissy Maid

Once you are firmly entrenched as your wife’s sissy maid, things have a way of naturally progressing from there. One area worth exploring is to become your wife’s cuckold.

Although not for every sissy, there are definitely perks to Being a Sissy Cuckold Husband or Boyfriend.

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