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The Sissy Guide To Corset and Waist Training

sissy corset training
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The decision to write this sissy guide to corset and waist training was an easy one for me to make. Since I happen to be a health and fitness nerd disguised in sissy clothing, having a super-skinny waist is paramount for me. I’m teetering on the edge of turning this innocent interest into an outright obsession.

Super is the operative word here. Although I already have a slender waist (29 ½”), super-skinny it’s not… yet! That’s where I see corset and waist training coming into play.

The cool thing is that you don’t have to be in great sissy shape to benefit from waist training. There are volumes of voluptuous girls—both of the genetic and sissy variety—that accentuate their attributes with waist training.

Flaunting an hourglass figure is actually more illusion than reality. A super-skinny waist can make other parts of the body look proportionally attractive by comparison.

Anyway, I’ve done the required research and my new waist trainer is merrily on its way to me. And even though I ordered it from Amazon, my next waist trainer—or maybe corset—will definitely be bought from Bunny Corset. I’m overly impressed with their quality and stylishness.

In Search of the Elusive Wasp Waist

sissy wasp waist

There’s something exceptionally erotic about the scarcely-seen wasp waist. I’ve always been fascinated with the seductive and sensuous look that it conveys.

A superbly skinny waist is quite the head-turner. And since I have more-than-my-fair-share of exhibitionist in me, maybe that explains my wacky passion for waist training, corsets and that more-than-enviable wasp waist.

If people are gonna admire—or perhaps scoff at—me when out-and-about in public, I might as well give them something even extra to look at.

What is Sissy Waist Training?

Waist training is simply incorporating a waist trainer (aka waist cincher) or corset to help mold the waist area into something more svelte-like. The idea is to take one, two, three and even four inches off your waist measurement. Shrinking your waist will help give any girl—even sissies—that coveted hourglass figure.

The corset or waist trainer actually molds the midsection into something thinner. They work their best magic when used in conjunction with eating clean food (and less of it) along with complementary waist workouts.

If you expect to slap on a waist trainer on an already out-of-shape waistline for 30 days without doing anything else, your results will likely be minimal at best.

Speaking from personal experience, an awesome way to lose weight is with a ketogenic diet. If you would like to find out more about how this way of eating works, check out the Custom Keto Diet.

Will Waist Training Give a Sissy Permanent Results?

corset deviant art

The answer to that question is… it depends.

Much of any permanent slender-waist-success will be exponentially enhanced if you combine waist training with diet and exercise. Waist training should be viewed as a comprehensive and cooperative triumvirate—a terrific threesome, if you will.

A clean diet will take you only so far. Abdominal exercises can only do so much. Combining those two with waist training can be as volatile as leaving a jar of nitroglycerin out in the sun. In other words, it’s possible to see remarkable results.

Permanent results? Possibly. But after your waist training is finished—if ever—you will need to periodically wear the waist trainer to maintain what you’ve accomplished. Think of it like wearing a retainer after the teeth braces come off. Routine maintenance should never really be an issue since waist trainers are such a fun and sexy item of clothing to wear.

Are Sissy Corsets Better Than Waist Trainers?


Corsets and waist trainers work more-or-less the same, but with much different degrees in aggressiveness. A committed corset wearer might liken a waist trainer to bringing a butter knife to a gunfight. She might have a point. Still, one can do some serious damage with that same butter knife when it’s used efficiently and effectively.

It’s good to view corsets as super-serious waist training devices. First off, a high quality, steel-boned corset is not cheap. It is obviously made with steel bones! Also, after fastening the clasps at the front, the corset is laced up at the rear. That’s not the case with waist trainers or cinchers.

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When sized properly—and within a reasonable time interval—a corset can be laced up terribly tight, aka tight lacing, giving any sissy a highly desirable waist-to-die-for.

With its steel-boned infrastructure, a corset can reposition floating ribs (the last two ribs on each side of the chest that are not directly attached to the sternum). A corset can also shift internal organs up or down (depending on the organ) to accommodate the ever-shrinking—and attention-getting—wasp waist.

With extended wear, pretty much any waist size is possible with corsets. The world record for the tiniest waist stands at 13 inches (non-living person) and 15 inches (living person). Here’s a video of a woman who reduced her waist to a tiny 18 inches by wearing a corset for 23 hours per day. BTW, her doctor gave her the thumbs-up on this.


For super-serious sissy waist training—wanting a wasp-like waist—a steel-boned corset would probably provide the best results. A good place to buy a high quality but fashionable corset is over at Bunny Corset.

Generally, corsets come in two basic styles: overbust and underbust. A waspie is a shorter length, underbust corset. With an overbust corset (think long-line bra), the corset is designed to support and cover the breasts. An underbust style is self-explanatory.

For waist training, underbust corsets are the popular choice. Overbust styles are often used to bolster a nice pair of tits—something most of us sissies don’t need to worry about.

Even though an overbust style can project a sexier look, there are some downsides, such as:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Reduced lung capacity
  • More difficult to size properly
  • More conspicuous under clothes
  • More expensive

Regardless of what style you prefer—underbust or overbust—unlike waist trainers, you can make quite the fashion statement with a corset.

The Fashion Aspect of Corsets

sissy corset fashion

Since many of us sissies are into clothes and fashion, corsets afford a beautiful way to express femininity to the extreme.

Besides choosing between overbust and underbust styles, there are corsets suited to be be worn not only under clothing (underwear)—but also as outerwear.

There are corset tops, corset shirts and even corset dresses. Over-the-top fashion also allows any girl to wear a corset originally designed as underwear to be worn as overwear—like over a dress.

Nothing should be taboo for the fashion conscious sissy. Blatantly flaunting a skinnier-than-should-be-feasible waist by wearing a waspie corset that the entire world can admire in public is the epitome of fashion overwhelm.

The Advantages of Sissy Waist Trainers

sissy waist training

Sissy waist trainers—some still call them waist cinchers—are a popular alternative to corsets. They make for a less severe type of waist training. Waist trainers use either rigid plastic or flexible steel bones to achieve their stiffness.

Generally, a quality waist trainer is more comfortable than its rigid corset sister. They are also more affordable than a corset, usually costing half as much and—depending on the corset in question—sometimes even much, much less than half.

Because of how they’re constructed, waist trainers are decidedly more flexible than corsets, allowing you to wear one while working out—something you would NEVER attempt to do with a corset on.

In fact, many are of the opinion that the heat build-up inside of a waist trainer while working out can significantly speed up fat reduction and weight loss. Others contend that any weight reduction is merely due to water loss, and not to be taken as anything permanent-like.

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The medical experts, personal training community and waist training aficionados continue to debate this issue.

Waist trainers typically have three rows of closely spaced metal clasps positioned at the front. The idea is to size the waist trainer so that securing the third row, or loosest set of clasps, is difficult to close around your midsection. Over time—as your waist begins to shrink—you then move in to the second row.

Once you reach the first, or most inner row of clasps, you will have theoretically reached your ideal waist size. If not, then you go ahead and order the next smaller sized waist trainer, continuing with the same process.

Initial sizing is critical since a waist trainer that is too loose will be of no use. The length of the trainer is important too as sissies have different sized torsos. Many waist trainers come in different torso lengths so as to accommodate different types of bodies. A waist trainer that is too long will cut into your pelvic bones below and your pectoral muscles, or breasts, if you have them, above.

Since a waist cincher—unlike a corset—has no laces in the back to deal with, they are much faster to put on. When you factor in comfort, flexibility, affordability and the time saved by ease of entry, it makes sense why waist trainers tend to be more popular than corsets.

Waist trainers won’t give you quite the same wasp-waist-creating characteristics of a corset, but then again, most sissies aren’t necessarily looking to achieve the Wonder Woman look.

Another style of waist trainer is the type that substitutes a velcro closure system for metal clasps. Many claims are made that these types of trainers are just as effective as those with a clasp-closure system. Since I’m not familiar with this style, I wouldn’t know one way or another.

How Long Should Waist Trainers and Corsets Be Worn?

sissy corset patent

There are actually two separate questions to consider here. One, how many hours a day should a waist trainer be worn? Two, how long does it need to be worn—as-in weeks or months—in order to reach your waist reduction goal?

In answer to the first question; begin wearing the waist trainer for no more than an hour or two a day. Then gradually build those hours up, in one or two hour increments over the course of a week or so. Your body will need time to adapt to the constrictive nature of the waist trainer.

The idea is to eventually be wearing the waist trainer for eight hours per day. Some sissies go way beyond that number—twelve to eighteen hours—and even sleep in it overnight. Warning: waist training can become a highly addictive endeavor.

To answer the second question; how many weeks or months will I need to wear it. That depends on several factors, including:

  • Are you complementing waist training with diet and exercise?
  • How many inches do you want to lose?
  • How many hours everyday are you wearing it?
  • Are you wearing a high quality waist trainer?
  • How committed are you to achieving a skinny waist?

I would suggest building up your wearing time to eight hours per day—everyday of the week—and then see where you stand at the end of 30 days. You can then evaluate your progress and tweak things going forward.

It might be time to move in to the next row of clasps. Or perhaps increase your daily wearing time. After 30 days you might see such significant results that you will feel motivated to continue eating cleaner (and possibly even less).

Waist training is a long-term process! Have fun with it and consider making it a permanent part of your life. Waist trainers and corsets are sexy. If you’re at all like me, you more than enjoy wearing sexy things.

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An Unintended Consequence of Waist Training

Waist training can have a hidden, secondary benefit that might surprise you. Since you are wearing an extremely constrictive article of clothing—on an unquestionably consistent basis—it makes sense that the unyielding compression being applied to the midsection is going to put somewhat of a squeeze on the stomach.

Guess what a smaller stomach means? There will be less room for food. Hence, your appetite will suffer accordingly. If you aspire to being a skinnier sissy, then this is a very appealing side benefit to waist training.

You’re now eating less which serves to further fuel your waist training program, allowing you to move to the last row of clasps on your waist trainer. I trust you’ll know, when the time comes, what skinny means to you.

Sissy Waist Training is the Fastest Way to an Hourglass Figure

sissy corset hourglass figure

Showing off a skinny waist with the help of waist training will no doubt make you feel more sensuous and sexy as a sissy. In the quest of that coveted hourglass figure, achieving a slender waistline is the fastest and easiest way.

Note that I didn’t say fast and easy since there’s nothing fast an easy about it.

In comparison to widening the hips—and enhancing that hourglass silhouette—waist training IS a quicker and a more efficient way to create the hourglass illusion. Think about it for a second or two… a super-slender waist will result in portraying deceptively wider hips.

Making your hips and ass wider as a biological-born boy can be daunting. If you would like to work on your butt, you might find my article on how to build your booty interesting.

Reducing your waist size is entirely doable with the magical trio of waist training, diet and exercise—along with some healthy doses of persistence and patience.

The Sissy Workout For an Hourglass Figure

If you’re interested in knowing more about how to achieve a sissy hourglass figure, then I wrote an hourglass figure workout article that you might find interesting.

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