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Sissy Heels – How High Can You Go?

sissy high heel
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It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that a sissy and heels go together like Lois and Clark. If you’re anything like me, you may actually be an altocalciphile.

Altocalciphilia is the allure and love of high heels. It’s a common affliction—you could call it that—among sissies, crossdressers and MtF transgenders alike.

If you ask a sissy how high of a heel should a girl wear she might respond, “the higher the better.” I used to say the same thing. Until, that is, I started to wear heels on a regular basis.

Walking around in public wearing 5″ heels for more than a couple of hours will allow you to quickly separate soft theory from bare-knuckled reality.

There are not too many things more sexy than a pair of pretty stilettos. But it is absolutely possible to wear too high of a heel.

The Grand Illusion – The Problem With Platform Heels

platform heels

Platform high heels are pretty popular because they give the illusion of a sky-high heel without any of the issues encountered with wearing such a high heel.

A 2″ platform under the ball of the foot will allow a 6″ heel to feel like a comfortable 4″ heel. Why? Because effectively, it is a 4″ heel.

The main problem with platforms is that since most sissies tend to be taller girls, adding six inches to their height isn’t really acceptable. It’s difficult enough to look lady-like and present as passable without being six-feet-four-inches tall.

So if you stand 5′ 5″ (or less) in your bare nylon-clad feet, then a platform heel is perfect for you. If, like the majority of sissies, you’re taller than that, then keep on reading.

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The Forty-Five Degree Angle – Why It’s So Critical

forty five degree pump

From my sissy vantage point (perched atop a pair of 5″ stilettos), when looking at a high heel from the side, there should be nothing less than a forty-five degree angle from the tip of the toe to the back of the heel.

Any angle less than 45 ° just isn’t sexy enough, in my twisted opinion. Remember, I’m an altocalciphile.

Keeping things in perspective, it makes sense that a longer foot will require a correspondingly higher heel to achieve that desirable forty-five degree angle. That’s one reason why smaller feet are typically viewed to be sexy.

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The Tipping Point – How High is Too High?

For a sissy to look her sexiest in a pair of high heels, it’s important to wear a heel high enough to maintain that much desired forty-five degree angle, while still being able to competently and comfortably walk in them.

Although a four inch heel sounds high, it’s really not. A five inch heel sounds high too. And it REALLY is.

richter scale

Heel height is a somewhat similar to the earthquake Richter Scale. At lower levels, like 4 or less, there’s not a huge difference in earthquake intensity. But above 4, things rapidly intensify at a disproportional level.

It’s the same with heels. I once ordered a pair of 6″ black patent (not platforms) pumps. They were absolutely gorgeous! But I could barely stand in them, much less walk around.

This is a classic case of erotic fantasy colliding with real world physics. Erotic fantasy got the worst of it.

I returned them and ordered a similar pair, but this time with 5 ¼” (13.34cm) heels.

Although still pretty damn high, with hours of practice and hamstring stretching exercises, I trained myself to properly walk in these sexy numbers.

I have come to find that a five and one-quarter inch heel is my tipping point. Your tipping point could be different.

Increasing your heel height at a lower point on the high heel scale is no big deal. For example, moving up from 4″ to 4 ½” is relatively easy. But trying to go from five inches to five and-a-half inches is an entirely different proposition.

Physically, only so much is possible with a finite sized foot—as we were all born with.

An excellent method to determine your tipping point is to stand in your heels and then try raising up on your toes. You should be able to raise your heels (either the heel or your foot inside the shoe, or the heel of the shoe) off the floor slightly. If you can’t do this, then the heel of the shoe is too high for you.

Sissy Training

Is it Possible to Increase The Tipping Point?

Depending on how flexible (or inflexible) your calf and hamstring muscles are, the short answer would be yes. A small amount anyway. But you have to consider the time and effort that would be required of increasing your heel height by just .25 of an inch or 6.35 mm.

Would months and years of stretching and practicing be worth it? There is a point of diminishing returns since there are inescapable physics at play.

At some point, most GG, CD, TS and sissies simply opt for a platform shoe in order to wear a higher heel than their foot anatomy would otherwise not be able to comfortably support.

Making Sure Your Heels Fit Correctly

Vertical heel height has been the emphasis of this article. But what about the size of the shoe? Keeping the overall length of the shoes shorter would obviously help to maintain that highly coveted 45 ° angle that we talked about earlier.

But sizing a shoe smaller than it should be in order to portray a sexier look is never a good idea… unless you plan on NOT walking in the shoes!

It’s not always necessary to forfeit heel height for comfort. Not if you size the shoe correctly.

The thing is, much of the popularly parroted advice you hear about sizing high heels properly is misguided, if not downright erroneous. Commonplace opinion is that heels should be sized to fit—more-or-less—snugly.

This advice is based on the overriding fear that, if the shoe is too big, you will wind up walking out of it. In my experience, this is rarely something to worry about.

high heel gap

On the contrary, you want a gap between the heel of your foot and the back of the shoe. The higher the heel, the bigger the gap. This comes down to elementary physics. Since the height of the shoe significantly elevates your heel, the natural force of gravity will push the foot forward—towards the narrow, pointed toe…creating a gap at the rear.

If the high heel is sized so small—so there is no gap—your foot does not have enough room to be comfortable. Shoes don’t stretch like a pair of skinny jeans do. You have to size them big enough to be agreeable to your feet.

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Repeat after me… Gap is Good!

Obviously, if the gap is too big (like with the red heels above), you might manage to walk out of the shoe. A good rule to follow is that the higher the heel, the bigger the gap.

If you have a pair of heels where the gap is a little to big, you can always use a shoe insert under the ball of the foot. This will push your foot back up towards the heel, reducing the gap and resulting in a super-comfortable pair of heels.

One more thing about sizing; a sissy or CD should generally buy her heels two sizes above the corresponding woman’s size. Shopping for a super-high heel would usually necessitate even a larger size. Keep in mind that shoe manufacturers size their heels to varying standards. If you’re buying heels online, read the customer reviews about whether the shoe runs large or small.

Also, make sure the company has a customer-friendly return policy. Until you become familiar with how a particular brand, style and model of shoe fits you, you will, most likely, be returning a pair or two.

A Sissy and Her High Heels

That’s the title of a related article that I recently wrote about how sissies and high heels are undeniably simpatico with one another. If you enjoyed this article, you might find this one interesting too: A Sissy and Her High Heels.

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