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7 Proven Ways to Shrink Your Sissy Clitty

limp clitty

Transforming your cock into a soft, limp and useless clitty is a worthy goal for many sissies. Transitioning from a sexual penetrator to a sexual receptive can be rather fulfilling.

The trick is to overcome years of male conditioning of having a huge, hard cock: switching over to something that is more sissy appropriate sized. As-in… teeny-tiny.

Following are 7 proven ways to shrink your sissy clitty down to something that is more girly-like.

#1 – Long Term Chastity


Caging up your clitty for extended periods is one of the most popular ways of cutting your former cock down to size. Even though erectile tissue is not a muscle (and will not vanish), stifling blood flow to it will cause it to become smaller.

The idea behind long term chastity is to train your clitty to remain soft and limp—all of the time! Without any blood flow, your clitty will atrophy and shrink down significantly from non-use.

Unfortunately, any erections will serve to return the penis to it’s former size. That’s why 24/7 chastity works the best.

By progressively resizing the cage down every few months, impressive, tiny-like results can be attained.

#2 – Tight Panties


If keeping your sissy clitty caged-up for lengthy periods of time is not possible, then wearing tight panties is another option. Buy them one size too small and keep your clitty tucked down into the open end of the panty liner or gusset.

Tightly encasing the penis in this fashion will discourage erections and train your clitty to remain soft and limp.

The tight panty method works well if you are a full-time sissy who dresses everyday and needs to present a flat-feminine-front to the world.

#3 – Limp Clitty Training Hypno

limp clitty training hypno

Sissy hypno can be an effective way to shrink your clitty down to an appropriate size with or without a cage. For optimal results, listen multiple times per day.

Audio is the best since you can be conditioning yourself to remain small and useless anytime and anywhere. Following are a few of my favorite limp clitty training audio files:


Limp Clitty Training Remix

Limp and Chaste

Eternal Limpness

Eternal Limpness Mantra

#4 – Hemorrhoidal Cream

hemorrhoidal cream

There is anecdotal evidence that applying hemorrhoid cream—like Preparation H—directly to your clitty will serve to shrink things down. Since these creams are formulated to relieve the pain of hemorrhoids by reducing blood flow to the affected area, they will do the same with your clitty.

Combining daily application of a hemorrhoidal cream with long term chastity can yield amazing results. It would of course be wise to experiment first by applying just a small amount to the tip of your clitty and see how you react.

#5 – Learn to Cum Only When Limp

cum when limp

It is imperative to re-train your mind and body to only ejaculate while your clitty is limp. This will take some time, effort and dedication on your part.

Achieving this state will empower your clitty to remain soft and limp at all times, no matter the situation. With a permanent absence of blood flow, your now useless cock will have no other option but to shrink down accordingly.

A tried-and-true method to arrive at this much-coveted place is by using the limp-clitty-humping-the-pillow technique:

First Time Cumming Limp

Here’s an alternate method that sounds as though it could be extremely effective:

New Method of Obtaining Sissy Impotence

Last-but-not-least, check out the following forum post that will give you some additional limp clitty advice:

Tiny Clitty Assistance

#6 – Testosterone Blocker

testosterone blocker

Significantly reducing testosterone levels in your body will cause your clitty to shrink into smallness. Taking an anti-androgen, aka a T-blocker, like spironolactone will do the trick.

The catch is that T-blockers have to be prescribed by a medical doctor. Of course there are illegal ways of obtaining them online, but I don’t recommend taking that route.

Another option would be to use natural testosterone blockers. Although you won’t need a prescription for natural anti-androgens, you will want to do some thorough research as to their effectiveness. Also, be sure to check the ingredients as they can vary widely.

A good way to vet these natural T-blocker products is by reading the Amazon reviews. You can learn a lot about the effectiveness of them this way.

Remember that T-blockers alone won’t necessarily enhance your overall femininity. That’s what combining them with a hormone like estradiol does. But they will leave your clitty significantly smaller.

#7 – Orchiectomy


One sure way of cutting off the supply of testosterone to your body is by castration, aka an orchiectomy. This obviously is a radical way to achieve a permanently limp clitty.

Since an orchiectomy is irreversible, serious consideration and consultation with both medical and psychological professionals is strongly advised. Chemical castration is another related option.

After castration, a 25% shrinkage is typical after 6-12 months and 50% reduction in size can be expected after 5 years.

For an older sissy whose T levels have already declined to the point where her sex drive has already waned considerably, an orchiectomy may be a legitimate option.

Having the operation performed by a female medical professional—considering your situation—would seem most appropriate.

Beyond Clitty Shrinking

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