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The Sissy Chastity Life

sissy chastity
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It sometimes seems that sissies and chastity are mentioned in the same breath together more than any other two words. Whether that’s true or not isn’t really all that important. What is significant is that chastity and the sissy share a symbiotic relationship that just won’t be denied.

What is it about the two sharing the same bed that feels so goddamn right?

Why Chastity and Sissies Go Together?

sissy chastity

Chastity and sissies go together like paranoia and schizophrenia. They are pretty damn close to being inseparable. It’s not difficult to see why that’s true.

Sissies, by most all definitions, are submissive creatures. If you’re a sissy, then you were created to please. Although there are many ways to pleasure your partner, sex is one of the more obvious ways in which to express your willingness to submit.

This sexually submissive mentality can conjure up a multitude of sexual undertones. Both the sissy and her dominant partner—whether that happens to be a male or female—derive erotic pleasure from the extremely unequal power dynamic that is present.

It’s a huge turn-on for the dominant party to be sexually satisfied, sometimes to the point of blissful exhaustion, while their submissive sissy is kept completely denied and under wraps.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this obvious discrepancy in sexual gratification is an even huger turn-on for the sissy. Therein lies the intoxicating power of chastity.

What better way for the dominant to flaunt his or her dominance than to physically ensure their chastised sissy is kept in a never-ending state of horniness and frustration.

On the flip-side, a denied sissy willingly foregoes her pleasure in order to funnel every last fragment of that pent-up sexual frustration in the direction of her lover. Could there be a more authentic way to demonstrate her submissiveness?

Forced Sissy Chastity: Absolutely Necessary?

sissy chastity

Many, if not most, sissies could probably benefit from some form of chastity. Orgasm denial is a sure-fire way of intensifying the entire sissification process. Also, younger sissies, with an abundance of testosterone flowing in their system, oftentimes need a little (or maybe a lot of) help to bolster their self-discipline—or as a replacement for their total lack of that remarkable trait.

A more mature sissy may be already acutely aware of her station in life and wouldn’t think of cumming—much less become erect—without the proper permission or command from her partner. In her case, a chastity cage could be a non-necessity.

For a sissy who enjoys venturing out in public often, sporting a flat feminine front is critical to her image. In that case, a chastity device would hinder her ability to have things tucked away in the proper fashion.

So, depending on the level of mind-control that the dominant party exerts over their sissy and the geographical proximity they are to each other, a chastity device might be—or might not be—entirely necessary.

Obedience and the Chastised Sissy

sissy chastity

Whether or not a sissy is chastised with or without a chastity device, the fact remains that sissies that have had their orgasm denied for a lengthy period of time are much more obedient than a sissy that is not kept chaste.

A locked sissy lives her life in a—more-or-less—constant state of low-level erotic arousal. Because of this, she makes for a more willing and enthusiastic partner in general; not to mention a stellar sex toy, fuck doll and all-around submissive slut. Since all of her pent-up sexual desire is internalized, it needs to manifest itself in some form.

It’s no secret that the Mistress or Master winds up being the beneficiary of those stifled sexual yearnings. A denied sissy is always super eager to please: in ways that are only limited by the cruelly creativity mind of her Dom. She mindlessly does as she’s instructed: from scrubbing the toilet to giving epic head to devotional ass worship.

A Locked Sissy Looks Sexy

sissy chastity

From a purely aesthetic perspective, I find it to be much sexier to see a sissy locked away in a chastity device than to have her sporting anything that resembles a hard-on. After all, we’re talking about a sissy here.

A sissy, by definition, has relinquished her rights to manhood. She should be conjuring up ways—in her pretty little head—to keep her clitty tiny, limp and insignificant. She has accepted that she is now a sexual receptor, no longer in need (much less worthy) of wielding a real cock.

Wearing a cute chastity device is a constant reminder to herself, and the rest of her world, as to the submissive sexual creature that she truly is. And it looks absolutely perfect on her!

Sissy Chastity and Limp Clitty Training

sissy chastity

Like I’ve alluded to in the previous section, other than making herself look as sexually desirable as possible, a sissy’s goal should be to train her small, pathetic cock into something that resembles an eternally limp and shamefully impotent sissy clitty.

A chastity device can help to achieve that more-than-worthy objective and, there is a vast acreage of evidence to support that statement.

Searching online will reveal real stories of women who have been able to shrink their husband’s or boyfriend’s cocks down to a suitable sissy size by keeping them permanently locked away in chastity. The resulting size reduction can be shockingly significant.

Sissies that don’t have a current Domme or Dom to act as their chastity keyholder have been able to accomplish this on their own. Training your clitty to be permanently limp and useless by using a chastity device causes a psychological shift in your sexuality that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

For a real-life example as to what’s possible, Devina Cox has spent (at the time I wrote this article) more than 1,700 days as a chastised sissy slut.

Sissy Chastity Devices

sissy chastity

My very first chastity device was a crudely constructed, unsophisticated mess made from small leather straps sewn around thin metal rings. It was not only uncomfortable but highly ineffective. The current state of chastity has come a long way from way back then.

I eventually graduated to a CB-3000—used for several years—which was a huge improvement. I currently own a Prison Bird 316L stainless steel chastity cage. It’s quite heavy and obviously not airport friendly. But… it’s pretty damn comfortable.

Needless to say, there are soooooo many sissy chastity devices to choose from now-a-days; enough to make a sissy’s clitty twitch in her pretty panties. And because of there being such a large number of manufacturers competing for the privilege of helping to turn you into a chastised sissy, the prices have come waaaaaay down.

Becoming a Chastised Sissy Will Change You

sissy chastity

After being denied—or denying yourself—for a prolonged period of time, you begin to see yourself—and sex—from a more feminine perspective. My longest stretch so far has been 7 weeks (that wasn’t bragging… it was a cry for help).

Your masculinity slowly starts to succumb as your source of sexual pleasure subtly begins to shift southward from your increasingly limp and inadequate clitty.

You begin to explore a newfound interest in anal play. Of course you will need an appropriate toy, like a prostate massager. Your feminine fantasies will begin to inspire questions such as: “What would it be like to cum like a real girl?

From Sissy Chastity to Sissygasms

If you’re intrigued by the thought of having a sissygasm—one that is so goddamn intoxicating that you will lose all desire to cum like a real man ever again, then you might find my article: A Guide To The Elusive Sissygasm worth a read.