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5 Ways To Introduce Sissy Chastity To Your Wife or Girlfriend

chastity sissy

Many, if not most, sissies would absolutely love it if their romantic partner would turn them into a chastised, sissified, subservient, maid-slave.

The ever-so-lucky wife or girlfriend would use the numerous benefits of chastity to have their very own sissy at HER beck-and-call—on her knees kissing the pointed toe of HER high heels, among other things.

Unfortunately, it can be problematic for a sissy to turn this fantasy into a full-blown reality. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t (and doesn’t) happen all the time.

An otherwise vanilla inclined female, once she understands and then sees for herself the benefits that a chastised husband or boyfriend can provide, can become an enthusiastic convert to male/sissy chastity.

The tricky part is how the submissively predisposed sissy can introduce the concept of chastity to their—hopefully—open-minded partner.

If she doesn’t happen to be a person that is typically amenable to new ideas, this task becomes even more of a challenge.

That’s why, when it comes to things such as chastity, it’s imperative to start with small sissy-like steps. VERY small.

Short Sissy Steps Towards Sissy Chastity

sissy steps to sissy chastity

For this discussion, let’s assume that your wife or girlfriend is outwardly vanilla and has expressed no previous interest in getting kinky with her (and your) sex life. In other words, she’s a tough nut to crack, so they say.

With a scenario such as this, it’s absolutely necessary to patiently proceed with short, sissy-like steps towards a possible sissy chastity life.

If your submissive sissy side is still hiding away in the closet, then it would be a good idea to begin—and be satisfied—with just the idea of chastity for now. Yes, things could well morph into her accepting your sissy-side at some point, but you gotta start somewhere. Too much, too soon could well be a deal-killer for her.

I would suggest NOT going out and buying a chastity device and then just handing the key over to her. Although that might work for a sexually adventurous woman, it could very well backfire big time, depending on kinkiness quotient.

Also, I would refrain from revealing any of your detailed sissy chastity fantasies to her. That would be way too much information for her to ponder all at one time.

That approach could cause her to drift away from the idea of sissy chastity like flotsam in the sea.

You will need to incorporate under-the-radar, stealth-like schemes to broach a sensitive—and potentially volatile—subject such as this.

Following are five ways in which you might accomplish this.

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1 – Do Subtle, Submissive Stuff For Her

subtle submissiveness

The best way to introduce the idea of chastity to your loved one is to adopt an attitude of giving—with absolutely no attached agenda. This, in itself, can do wonders for any relationship.

Even though you’re giving without any expectation of receiving, it’s incredibly difficult for most people to NOT reciprocate (like maybe show an interest in your fantasies) in some fashion.

You can begin to help out more around the house. Offer to do some (or even all) of the cleaning—especially the nasty chores.

Begin to listen and pay attention to her more. Ask her if she would like you to paint her toenails.

Start being (and then act like) the type of husband or boyfriend that is already being kept in chastity. Subtly show her the results of having a chastised maid/slave in advance of its actually happening.

Be ready to be more-than-pleasantly-surprised by her reaction.

2 – Sexy Dirty Talk

talk dirty to me

It’s funny how hidden kinks can reveal themselves during the throes of sexual activity. When people are turned on, they become less inhibited and are much more willing to share their sexual fantasies.

Some of these fantasies often revolve around some sort of dominance or submissiveness. Use these most intimate of moments to reveal your submissive predilections and then make appropriate suggestions.

Use carefully-crafted questions to expand upon what she says during sex. She will often offer clues to what she might be inclined to try if you are attuned to receiving them.

The erotic tidbits that surface during the heat of the moment can be used as discussion points for later.

3 – Stealthily Suggest Sissy Chastity Sites

sexy open laptop

Instead of buying her a book or outright suggesting that your partner visit a male chastity site, accidentally leave an appropriate chastity related page open on your laptop.

Then innocently leave your computer laying around in the bathroom or bedroom, cross your fingers, and hope that she will take notice of the subject matter blatantly being displayed on the screen.

If and when she brings it up, nonchalantly mention that this kind of stuff turns you on. Then, casually as possible, ask: “what do you think?” Offer to send her the link if she seems interested.

4 – The Spicer Sex App For Couples

spicer sex app

Although I haven’t personally tried this out (I’m currently single), Spicer looks to be a pretty cool app that allows couples to ask each other predetermined questions—there are over 12,000 of them—about sexual kinks and fantasies that they may have a common interest in.

Sissy Training

In addition to sex questions, there are sex dares, along with a private chat feature. The great part… the Spicer Sex App For Couples is free.

It looks to be a unique, fun and exciting way to find out if you share any kinky compatibilities with your partner.

5 – Write Her a Confessional Love Letter

kinky love letter

This method isn’t for everyone but if you enjoy expressing your feelings with the written word, crafting a love letter confessing your inner-most secret sexual desires can work wonderfully well.

You will be revealing your most authentic self so be prepared for any and all types of reactions from your love partner.

She might run out of the room screaming, looking to hide in the hamper.

Maybe your total transparency forces her to break down into tears of happiness.

Or perhaps she slaps you hard across the face, orders you to strip naked and meet her in the bedroom.

You could very well be confronted with a stony silence. She might need some time to do some research and process all the potential possibilities of owning her own chastised sissy slave.

Exposing yourself in this fashion will leave you very vulnerable… so be ready for anything.

But like they say: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Mention The 5 Ways Sissy Chastity Could Benefit HER

sissy chastity maid

Using one—or perhaps all—of the above ways to introduce your wife or girlfriend to a sissy chastity lifestyle should hopefully open up some kinky lines of communication.

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Assuming that your partner is open-minded enough to at least hear you out about your desires, you can began to educate her as to the perks (for her) of having a chastised husband or boyfriend.

There are many, many benefits of course. Here are just a few:

  • The possibility of sharing a more intimate and loving relationship
  • A greater degree of devotion and attention on your part
  • Elimination of your nasty masturbation habit (if you have one)
  • Lot’s more help (from you) around the house
  • More sexual pleasure (however and whenever she requires it)

Once a woman sees—first hand—how placing her sissified husband or boyfriend in chastity can dramatically improve the quality of her life (in so many ways) they rarely want to go back to the dull dynamics of their previous relationship.

On the other hand, many wanna-be-sissies, after having their sissy chastity fantasies fulfilled, find that the reality of having their ability to experience a masculine type of orgasm—now under complete control of their wife-turned-mistress—is NOT always quite as fun as they first thought it would be.

Unfortunately, it’s now waaaaaay tooooo late to turn back.

Are You Inspired to Embrace The Sissy Chastity Life?

If you are able to introduce your wife or girlfriend to sissy chastity using any of the above five methods, I will be eternally happy for you.

Perhaps you’d like to read more about embracing the sissy chastity life? I recently wrote an article about how to do just that. It’s named, The Sissy Chastity Life.

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