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7 Benefits of Sissy Chastity

benefits of sissy chastity
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Sissies and chastity share a symbiotic relationship that is difficult to doubt. It’s not hard to see why. A sissy craves emasculation and feminization. What better way to reinforce those aspirations than to remove the primary element from the equation that makes a male a man…

His cock… soon to become her clitty.

Fostering that preferred—and shouldn’t we say, mandatory—process of sissification, the most efficient way to turn a man into a sissy is by denying access to that slowly-shrinking and utterly-useless sexual organ dangling between her legs. This is best accomplished by wearing a chastity device.

Although a sissy such as yourself intellectually agrees with this appraisal of what’s best for her, she sometimes needs reminding of all the ways that being locked in a chastity cage will benefit her sissification.

There are 7 of them:

#1 – More Constructive Use of Sexual Energy

sexual energy

Male sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Wars have been fought, careers have been ruined, fortunes have been lost, relationships have been dissolved and women have been raped—all in the name of the untethered masculine sex drive.

As sissy, this is not what you signed up for. An obedient and docile sissy should be the personification of submission, acquiescence and grace. Yes, the EXACT opposite traits exemplified by the typical male.

Yet, there still remains—for now anyway—testosterone coursing through your bewildered body. This excessive sexual energy needs to be harnessed in a more constructive way. It must be redirected in a more useful fashion. One that is congruent with turning you into a feminized girly-girl.

One way is through exercise. Using your pent-up sexual energy to become more physically active will tone you up, enhance your health, and turn you into a slimmer, more desirable, sissy.

Another method is sissy maid service. By funneling all of your repressed sexuality emanating from your sissy clitty to vacuuming, scrubbing floors and and toilet cleaning will result in a satisfied sissy and a cleaner house.

As a sissy, you can also redirect your aroused state to watching makeup videos. Then practicing those skills over and over until you’re an expert. Learning to flawlessly apply false lashes will keep you occupied with more important matters.

#2 – A Focus on Feminization

focus on feminization

A sissy’s attention will naturally shift from fucking girls to feminization. Chastity ensures that new-found-focus stays sharp and unwavering.

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Being locked in a chastity cage ensures that your focal-point is fixed on fashion and makeup rather than fantasizing about having sex with a woman—something you were never good at anyway.

The truth is, your locked up clitty gets frightened around women, which makes it shrink even smaller. No woman would ever want to have sex with you.

Since that’s the case, you might as well direct your energy and attention to where it should be—on beautification and buying sexy lingerie, clothes and heels.

Being locked up in a chastity device will super-charge your feminization efforts.

#3 – Heightened Sissy Enthusiasm

sissy enthusiasm

You may remember what it’s like to be a man after sexual release. That disdainful feeling accompanied by a measured lack of motivation; other than to take a nap. The dreaded refractory period.

That’s no way for any sissy worth her matching-bra-and-panty-set to live.

On the contrary, a sissy like you depends on your stifled sexual energy to stay motivated beyond belief. Being a chastised sissy will enable you to maintain an enthusiastic but docile demeanor.

You pride yourself in being able to perfect your feminization all the while becoming more submissive and subservient. You are fanatical about your femininity and your capability to be a passionate pleaser—in whatever form that happens to be.

As a caged sissy, you are obsessed with being obedient.

#4 – Antidote for Anxiety

antidote for anxiety

Sure, your newly caged clitty is naturally going to experience some sexual tension at first. But once you become accustomed to your confined situation, any initial anxiety begins to wane.

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Once you realize the fact that your sissy clitty isn’t getting out anytime soon, you can relax into a place of knowing where your true place is.

And that is a place where a subdued, subtle and never-ending erotic state of denial is your new normal. Now you feel sexy all of the time. There is nothing in your life to be anxious about anymore. You are fabulously peaceful in your perfectly passive place.

#5 – Enhanced Emotional Responses

feminine emotional response

When your sissy sexual desires are stifled, you begin to see the world with a different perspective. Securely caged-up, your former male-like aggressiveness begins to subside and you begin to behave like a sissy should—submissive, passive, obedient and docile.

As a locked-up sissy, you make for a better partner; both emotionally and sexually. you have transformed into a more caring and giving person. You’re now eager to listen and to please, in whatever way is required of you.

A sissy’s total focus is on other’s needs, certainly not hers. Your former male ego is suppressed to the point of no longer existing—other than as just a not-so-fond memory.

As a denied sissy, you respond to every situation with understanding and grace; never judgment. You are perfectly content to do as you’re told.

#6 – Continuous Submissive Eroticism


With your sissy clitty now caged, you live in a constant state of erotic denial. You feel feminine and sexy 90% of the time. This enforced life of sexual frustration is the way you prefer things to be.

You use your internalized sexual energy to always look as pretty and feminine as possible. The tingling and twitching of your clitty inside her cage serves to drive your feminization and sissification efforts to new levels.

Your center of sexual stimulation and arousal begins to slowly move rear-wards, back to your sissy pussy where it belongs. As a sexual receptive, you crave to be penetrated, hoping to achieve some sort of sexual release in a more girly-girl way.

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#7 –Modified Sexual Releases

modified sexual release

Since your caged clitty is now useless as a sexual organ, you will need to learn a new way to achieve sexual release. Ideally this will come from stimulation of the prostate gland that culminates in a so-called sissygasm.

As a sissy, you know that the longer you remain caged-up—and the more time you spend riding your dildo—the odds of achieving a sissygasm begin to rise in your favor. Once you can consistently cum like a girl, you can no longer be called a man—ever again.

Sissy chastity has, once again, completed it’s job… turning you—and all of your nasty male habits—into a properly trained and feminized sissy. You now happily know your place in the world.

How To Achieve a Sissygasm

Are you willing to deny yourself long enough to where you can have a life-changing, leg-quaking sissygasm of your own? A properly fitted chastity cage will help you arrive at that cherished place. Once you’ve built up a reservoir full of repressed sexual energy, then there are specific steps that will take you to the sissygasm promised land.

You’re now probably ready to read, A Guide to the Elusive Sissygasm.

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