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Sissy Shaving Tips – When, Where and How

sissy shaving tips
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We put together some sissy shaving tips to help you get started with this wonderful process. It’s a rare sissy that isn’t obsessed with having a smooth, silky, feminine body, free from all of that ugly man hair. The easiest way to get rid of hair of course is to just shave it off.

Sounds simple and straightforward enough but there are some obvious and even hidden hurdles that may have to be overcome before you can become hairless, such as…

Fear of social embarrassment; finding time to shave; shaving techniques; frequency and what body parts to start off with. This article will attempt to address all of those sissy shaving issues.

When Should You Start Your Sissy Shaving Program?

This is such an easy answer; right now, or tomorrow if ‘right now’ happens to be too late in the day.

The main reason most novice sissies don’t start shaving is the fear of ridicule and social embarrassment. But like 99 percent of our fears, the akwardness you want to avoid is just a projection into the future about a situation that will most likely never come to pass.

Things are a changin’ baby, and that goes for many girly things that previously were reserved only for card carry members of the fairer sex. Shaving happens to be one of those things.

Shaving of the male legs has long been accepted and done by swimmers, cyclists, triathletes and body builders. Many other professional and non-pro athletes in sports such as football, basketball, hockey, soccer and skiing routinely shave their legs because of the neccessity of having to get parts of their legs taped up.

As a former triathlete, that’s how I got my start with shaving. After I quit competing, I continued to shave because I thought my legs looked better without hair.

I also had a fair amount of sissyness residing inside of my head so that provided me with even more motivation. Sure, I received a comment here and there but it never really bothered me. After all, they were my legs!

Later on, it began to feel weird having no hair below the waist but a normal amount above, so… I started to shave my entire body.

No one (including family members) has ever said much about it, which makes me wonder—why is everyone walking around worrying what others think about them so much? The truth is that people are so immeresed in their own lives that they really don’t care much about yours.

I like what Dr Suess had to say on the subject:

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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

The reality is that nobody is going to think you’re a gay, sissy faggot just because you shave your legs, or even your whole body for that matter. If anyone asks, you simply say “I prefer no hair”, which is the truth. If you can accept yourself, then people will, more-than-likely, accept you.

So, if you’ve been playing the what-will-people-say card as an excuse not to shave… stop it! The time to start shaving is NOW sweetie.

Where Should You Start Out With Shaving?

Sissy Shaving Tips

In the shower of course silly. And, since nothing beats the feel of pulling up a silky pair of nylon stockings over freshly shaved legs, then you’ll probably want to begin with your legs, and maybe even go a little bit further up.


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Also, as noted above, shaved legs have become more-or-less mainstream for men. It’s a perfect place to start without garnering any attention to your—for now—secret sissification process.

Yes, becoming a sissy is a process. And shaving, although a sub-set of the more global aspect of sissyness, is a process of its very own.

If you’ve never shaved your legs before, and you’re fairly hairy, then it’s going to be a chore to chop through those virgin shafts of thick, long hair. Using an electric hair clipper or delapitory cream will initially save you a ton of time.

From there, all you will need is a razor and some soap. Like anything else, shaving your legs will take time for you to become good at. The speed and efficiency will come however, sooner than you might think.

Where to stop? I suggest going up to just below the waist, which would obviously include your ass and private parts. Shaving your nut sack and sissy clitty does not really present any special problems; just go slow at first until you get the hang of it.

Sissy Training

Being smooth down there will only serve to intensify your feelings of feminity. If you want to stop at the top of the legs for now, and treat your intimate areas as a later part of the sissy shaving process, then that’s perfectly fine too.

How Often Should You Shave?

frequency of shaving

The answer to that question depends on how thick your hair is and how fast it grows. Another factor is how far along with the shaving process you happen to be. Let me use myself as an example.

When I first began to shave my legs, I perceived it to be a chore—and treated it as such. I would shoot for once every two weeks, quickly observing that if I went any longer than that, then shaving morphed from a chore into a downright dreaded burden.

It takes a lot longer to shave longer hair!

I eventually shortened my sissy shaving intervals to once per week. What a difference! Believe me princess, it is soooooo much faster to shave when you don’t let your hair grow for more than seven days.

But then I pushed the process (remember that word) of shaving to a completely different level. I now pick up my razor at least two—and sometimes three—times per week. This increase in frequency now enables me to shave twice as fast as my previous once-a-week regimen. An added bonus is that I now get to enjoy a silky smooth body all of the time.

While shaving 3 times a week seems to be optimum for most sissies, your interim may vary. Keep in mind that it may take you a while to get to the point where you feel compelled to shave that often.

Please note that although the frequency chart above shows that shaving this much appears to be in the minority, it’s a reflection of how often genetic girls shave, not sissies.

There are many reasons why a GG may not shave as often as we do. The first is that the hair on their legs is typcially thinner, lighter in color and less dense so they can get away with shaving less.

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The second is that sadly, many real women take their femininity for granted and can sometimes get lazy with regards to their personal grooming. Those two reasons don’t apply to you sweetie… you’re better than that!

Although getting to the point where you’re shaving fairly frequently might take some time, reassessing your sissy mindset can speed that time-frame up significantly.

Like I mentioned earlier, while I used to treat my sissy shaving as a chore, I now view it as an anticipated feminine ritual. I actually look forward to the act of shaving, but it goes beyond that… and not simply because it’s so much more efficient to shave on a regular basis.

Although shaving isn’t a permanent method of male to female hair removal, it is the easiest way to be a smooth and sexy sissy—all of the time.

If Shaving is so Great, Would Epilating be Better?

I was constantly asking myself that same question—many times over. So I decided to find out for myself.

In 2019, I bought myself an epiliator and used it for an entire six months. I wound up writing an article about my epilating experience called: The Great Sissy Epilating Experiment of 2019. You might find it interesting. Hopefully these sissy shaving tips make sense to you and will help you to look exactly the way YOU want.

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