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The Sissy Skin Care Routine

sissy skin care routine

Biologically born males turned sissies—like you and me—have a nasty history of neglecting the skin on our faces. Growing up, it was considered neither masculine nor necessary to spend time on something that was not really all that important.

Well, things are changing for many men in that regard, especially as they grow older. And for us sissies, a sissy skin care routine is not only necessary but mandatory.

Genetic girls have always been keenly aware of how important it is to pamper their skin. They realize that although makeup can cover up many imperfections, beginning with a clean canvas, will allow makeup application to perform it’s beautification magic even better.

It’s time for sissies to follow suit and get on the skin care routine beauty bandwagon that has been more-or-less ignored by many of us for so long. A girl’s face is her most prized asset and it needs to be pampered accordingly.

Beautiful Skin – From the Inside-Out

beauty inside out

Before I delve into how a sissy should take care of her skin on the outside, it’s good to be aware that the skin on your face is, first of all, an organ. Much of it’s overall health and suppleness depends on what’s going on inside of your body.

Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, a shitty diet and eschewing exercise will work to undermine your skin from the inside-out. Not only the skin on your face, but all over your body. You most likely already know this but it can be good to state the obvious sometimes.

That being said, this article is all about what a sissy such as yourself can do to the outside of your face to have it looking as smooth and supple as possible. Basic sissy skin care can be divided into five distinct areas.


skin cleansing

Many sissies don’t understand the importance of washing their face at night before going to bed. During the day your face is bombarded with pollutants, free radicals, dust, bacteria and collagen-destroying UVA rays.

It’s imperative to get all of that crap off of your face—EVERY DAY! Many GG skin care routines have them washing their face in the morning too. But if once is enough for you, then make sure to do it at night.

Use a specialized facial cleanser, not soap. Facial cleansers are gentler on the skin and will not overly dry it out. Plus, they have hydrating ingredients—like Micellar Water—that will help to hydrate the skin. Regular soap will work to dry your face out way too much.


skin moisturizer

Moisturizing is the next compulsory step in the sissy skin care routine. Aging, the wind, the sun: they all conspire to dry out your face, making it look less-than-youthful. Applying moisturizer twice per day will help to replenish the water content of the skin, combating the damage that the everyday environment can cause.

If you wear makeup, then a lighter moisturizer in the morning is appropriate as it will not compromise your foundation. If you shave, then moisturizing afterwards will help to negate the adverse effects that shaving can have on your face.

In the evening, you can use a thicker moisturizing cream. It’s always better to moisturize while your face is still a bit damp. That will help to lock-in the moisture that is already present on the skin.

When purchasing moisturizing creme, look for ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein that provides structural support to the skin. It creates a matrix-like web of fibers that serve to hold everything together.

As you age, collagen breaks down, causing wrinkles and sagging skin. You want a moisturizing cream that will help to boost collagen production. Look for a product that contains one or more of these collagen promoting ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Retinol (Vitamin A)
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Peptides
  • AHA or alpha-hydroxy-acids
  • Aloe Vera

Cleansing and moisturizing are the two vital steps that form the cornerstone of any sissy’s skin care routine. The next three are—if not vital—essential.



The top layer of your skin (epidermis) is made up of four to five sub-layers. As the skin cells of the outer-most layer age and become damaged, they naturally shed away; every three weeks or so. Sometimes you may want to remove that dying superficial layer more often than that. That’s where exfoliating scrubs come into play. Scrubbing will give your face a brand new layer of skin to work with.

In essence, exfoliating scrubs contain micro-scrubbing abrasive beads that work sort of like a household cleanser—but not nearly as caustic. Since, by their very nature, these scrubs are not that gentle, you should exfoliate once or twice per week at most.

Don’t believe that you should use them everyday as the directions might suggest on the back of the bottle. That’s just the marketing department doing its job to get you to use more of their product (wash-rinse-repeat).

Exfoliating on a weekly basis will help to:

  • Deep clean your face
  • Give a healthy, shiny glow to your skin
  • Prevent clogged-up pores
  • Smooth rough patches of skin
  • Stimulate collagen production (depending on the ingredients)

There are many, many types of scrubs available on the market. You’ll have to do your own diligent research as to each one’s effectiveness. Be sure to always wet your face before scrubbing.



There is a common misconception that a facemask is used to exfoliate. Although there are exfoliating masks you can buy, that’s not what a mask is primarily intended to do. A beauty facemask is typically a cream that you apply to your face and leave on for 5 or 10 minutes before washing it off.

Like an exfoliating scrub, a mask, depending on the specific ingredients, should only be used a couple of times per week. Choosing between the different varieties of face masks can be overwhelming. Below are the four main types:

  1. Cream masks
  2. Clay and mud masks
  3. Charcoal masks
  4. Paper masks (popular in Asia)

The main purpose of a beauty facemask is to give the skin a temporary—but intense—dose of additives that will help achieve:

  • Skin hydration
  • Reduce oiliness
  • Improve circulation
  • A smoothing of fine lines
  • Reduce inflammation

The idea is to match the facemask to your skin situation—dry, oily, damaged, aged, etc. Many sissies, and GG alike, underrate how important regular use of a facemask can be to a beautifying skin care routine.

Eye Cream

eye cream

At first glance, eye cream may seem like a not-so-necessary, even extravagant part of the skin care process. But when you take into account under eye puffiness (bags), dark circles, thin lines and wrinkles that can appear around and under the eyes, it’s really not.

An eye cream’s basic job is hydration. They contain moisturizing ingredients specifically formulated for hydrating the thinner, more delicate skin surrounding the eye. There are fewer oil glands under the eye which contributes to dryer skin conditions in that region.

That being said, the truth is that eye creams are not all that effective in eliminating bags and dark circles. However, when it comes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles—due to the loss of collagen—eye creams can yield impressive results. Which means if you’re an older sissy, a good eye cream could, and probably should, be part of your sissy skin care routine.

Eye cream ingredients to look for:

  • Hyaluronic acid or glycerin
  • Emollients such as ceramides and fatty acids
  • Mineral oil
  • Beeswax
  • Retinol (promotes collagen production)
  • Peptides (promotes collagen production)
  • Caffeine (temporary hack for under eye puffiness)

While eye creams have their limitations when it comes to dark circles and bags, a cold, green tea compress can temporarily reduce under eye puffiness as both the caffeine and cold restrict blood flow to the under-eye area.

If you do decide to use an eye cream as part of your skin care routine, the general consensus is to apply it at night. Make sure to dab on the cream; don’t rub it in.

A Sissy Skin Care Routine That Will Work for You

For effective skin care with results that are noticeable, you will need to establish a daily routine. I prefer once-per-day, in the evening.

Beware of sophisticated marketing agendas. The face cream industry is huge, with ginormous marketing budgets designed to get you to spend more money on a perceived miracle product. You absolutely do not need to buy expensive products for effective skin care.

As a celebrity, there might be a need to splurge in this department. But as an ordinary sissy, be practical. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, sissies have a lot of other things they need to spend money on.

The Sissy Weight Loss Manifesto – Part 2

Note: This is Part 2 of the 3 part “The Sissy Weight Loss Manifesto” series. For optimal results, skipping past Part 1 – The Why, or skipping to Part 3 – The What, is NOT recommended.

If you wanted me to, I could show you how to lose 10 pounds in two weeks. Like many others, I’ve done it. There’s no special sissy science behind it. But I really wouldn’t be doing you any favors.

Yes, you would most likely lose the 10 pounds in the specified amount of time. But that doesn’t mean the excess ‘junk-in-the-trunk’ would necessarily be gone forever—it probably wouldn’t. It would be much better and waaaaay more effective if you could view losing weight from a loftier perspective.

Looking at Sissy Weight Loss as A Process

its a process

I’m confident that you’re already aware that 90% of people who lose a significant amount of weight—including sissies such as yourself—gain it all back (and then some) within a few months. For a man, that’s no big deal… just go out and buy some bigger pants.

For a girl like you that would be an unmitigated disaster. All those beautiful, and possibly expensive, clothes that you could no longer fit into would be a devastating turn of events. We don’t want you to experience any of that.

If you want to be a slim and sexy sissy, for the remainder of your feminine life, then you will want to approach your weight loss journey with more of a long term mindset. This unique program talks about a different way to eat. It’s called the Custom Keto Diet. It might be just what you’re looking for.

Like achieving anything else in life, losing weight permanently comes down to a process. And that process begins with becoming aware of what’s going on inside of your beautiful brain.

Who Do You Think You Are?

who are you

Have you ever wondered why no matter what size people happen to be, fat or skinny—or somewhere in between, most of the population’s weight doesn’t really change all that much?

Sure, there might be normal fluctuations of a few pounds throughout the week or month, but for the majority of people, unless they’re crash dieting or on a binge-eating spree at the local smorgasbord, their weight is pretty much stabilized.

The reason for this is that we all have an internal ‘weight thermostat’ that is set to—more-or-less—accurately reflect what we believe, at a subconscious level, what we think we’re supposed to weigh.

Just like the thermostat in your home which keeps your house at a constant temperature—within a couple of degrees anyway—your weight thermostat functions in the same way.

But unlike the t-stat in your home, where you can easily set it to any temperature you like, the setting on your internal weight thermostat is not so easy to change. That’s because it’s set by your internal self image.

What your body looks like—including what you weigh, is, at the most basic of levels, what you believe to be true about yourself. Since we’re not always consciously aware of our inner-most thoughts and beliefs, this concept can get a bit tricky.

You have to become self-aware enough to realize that your underlying beliefs about yourself are stealthily responsible for what your internal weight thermostat is currently set to.

You can only be, and therefore have, what you truly believe you deserve. That’s true for every part of your life, including your weight. This psychological concept explains why people have such a difficult time changing their life circumstances.

It’s damn daunting to change what you believe about yourself at the sub-conscious level. That’s why a high percentage of lottery winners find themselves broke within two years. It’s the same reason why someone who loses a significant amount of weight in a relatively short period of time, gains it all back not too long afterwards.

Although it’s incredibly difficult to re-set your internal weight t-stat and change what you believe about how your body should look overnight, it’s entirely doable using a more methodical, systematic approach.

You can use a technique to lose weight by taking several short, sissy-like steps instead of attempting to accomplish it with a single, ginormous quantum leap (aka, crash dieting).

The Concept of Weight Compartments

weight loss compartments

The idea behind this concept is to divide things up into weight compartments of 10 pounds each and then methodically move down into a different weight compartment—one compartment at a time—over and extended period of time.

Right now your weight falls within a certain ‘weight compartment’. It might be 180-190 or maybe 150-160. Whatever your weight compartment happens to be right now doesn’t really matter—simply identify where it’s at—nothing more and nothing less.

What’s critically important here is to accept your current weight compartment without beating yourself up about it. Try looking at your present weight with a neutral, detached frame of mind. I’m not saying you have to like what you weigh, just accept your weight, minus any nasty judgments.

People over-eat for a myriad of reasons, most of them being emotional or psychological. Although it may be important, at some point, to understand what these reasons are… we really don’t have time to explore them right now.

What is important to realize is that by harboring negative emotions about your current weight, will only make it more difficult for you to move down to a lower weight compartment. Saying to yourself something like “I’m a fat-ass sissy”, only serves to surround your current weight compartment with an emotional charge which tends to make it more real—locking it into place.

Viewing your present weight in an honest and unbiased manner removes all the drama from the situation, helping you to see the truth—that what you currently weigh is merely a temporary condition rather than a permanent part of your life. Embracing this perspective makes losing weight much less of a struggle.

A Real-Life Example of Sissy Weight Loss

Please allow me to share how using this concept of weight compartments has worked really well for me over the past three years. My drivers license lists my weight at 160 pounds or 72.5 kilos. While living in that compartment, I would typically weigh somewhere between 160 and 165 pounds; my weight range compartment being 160-169 pounds (72.5 to 77 kilos).

When my desire to be a muscular macho-man began to waver, my weight dropped down and leveled off to 155 pounds. My new weight compartment was now 150-159 pounds. I had traded my old 160 pound body into a slightly slimmer 155 pound version. This was now my new identity—my new belief— of what I should now weigh.

Of course I decided to make some lifestyle changes in order to transition to this lower weight-class. I was drinking less beer and eating healthier, but it was natural and easy for me because this is how a 155 pound person lives their lives. I was satisfied to be in this newer weight compartment for around 5 years. It had become my new ‘normal’.

As more of my sissy nature began to surface, I decided I wanted a slimmer, sexier and more feminine looking body. Being in the 150’s wasn’t doing it for me any longer. Wanting to drop down into the 140-149 weight compartment was a BIG deal for me!

As I was moving in that skinnier direction, I wasn’t able to consistently stay there. I fluctuated between 147 and 152 pounds over the course of a year or so. Psychologically, I didn’t yet see myself as a person who weighed-in at 140 something.

In other words, my long-held beliefs concerning my weight were not in alignment with my desires.

But after I was able to spend a greater percentage of my time at 147 pounds, my self-image—my internal weight thermostat—eventually became more congruent with my sissy weight loss aspirations.

Soon I had left the 150’s in the dust and took up semi-permanent residency in the 140-149 weight compartment. I say semi, not because I was ever going back up to a more manly 150 pound weight range… on the contrary, I was setting my sissy sights much lower. Could it be possible for me to get into the 130’s?

As I mentioned before, my driver’s license indicated that I weighed 160 pounds. My height was listed as a proportionate 5′ 9″. But I was never legitimately that tall; closer to 68 inches in reality. Since guys usually want to be taller so I fudged my height up.

Losing my desire to be a man was giving me a different perspective on height. Most girls don’t want to be tall. I actually stand at 67.5 inches or 171.5 cm. I now round that down to a more feminine 67 inches.

Of course what I’m doing here is using my reduced height to rationalize a lower weight. What sounds sexier… 5′ 7″ and 140 something or 5′ 7″ and 130 something? What began as a pretty much unobtainable dream/desire to weigh 137 pounds has turned into a reality for me.

As I write these words, I weighed myself this morning at 135 pounds—with my panties on! I can safely say that I am now a permanent sissified citizen of the 130-139 weight club. Yep, that’s the real me below.

Sissy Weight Loss
My Sissy Weight Loss Journey

This is a break-down of how the time-frame transpired. I keep a spreadsheet of my weight (I’m such a sissy nerd):

For most of 2016 I weighed somewhere in the 150’s. I got a brief glimpse of the 140’s towards the end of that year.

2017 saw me in the upper 140 pound range. 2018 was more of the same but I broke through to 139 at the very end of that year. For 2019 I’ve been consistently in the mid-to-high 130 pound range.

It was imperative that I spent a significant amount of time in each weight compartment so as to allow my self image to ‘catch-up’ with my new, lower weight.

It took me over 3 years to go from 155 pounds to 135 pounds. Yes, I could have lost that 20 pounds in less than three months if I had really wanted to. But, like I stated earlier in this article, the weight wouldn’t have stayed off.

Three months just isn’t enough time to change your deeply held beliefs about who you are. After 20 pounds of relatively rapid weight loss, I still would have psychologically been a 155 pound person—and would have acted accordingly in putting the weight back on.

It would have been a classic case of subtle-self-sabotage at its best.

Back in 2016 my internal weight thermostat was set to reflect something between a more-or-less 155 pound macho male and a wanna-be sissy. Now I identify as a 135 pound serious sissy—and a slim and sexy one at that.

The past three years has been an identity-changing process; and it was the perfect time-frame for me to do it in. Is it possible that you could change your identity, weight-wise, in a shorter amount of time? Maybe so.

Creating a New Identity For Yourself

Sissy Weight Loss

As a sissy, you can weigh whatever you want. You don’t have to be a skinny-assed sissy… but if that’s your desire—and it might be since you’re reading this article—then you will, over time, need to change your identity by re-setting your internal weight thermostat.

It’s neither necessary nor advisable to try to hasten the process. It takes some time. You just need to patiently progress into your new you.

  • Babies naturally go from crawlers to walkers
  • Self-made billionaires morph from being broke to rich
  • Ugly crossdressers transform into transgender beauties
  • Sissies progress from masculine to more feminine… and maybe even from heavier to lighter

Improving your life in any way is a matter of embarking on a process that entails constant and consistent progress. During this journey you are methodically morphing into something different… creating a completely new identity for yourself.

You really can’t short-circuit this identity-changing process. Your desires must be congruent with your current beliefs about yourself, otherwise you’ll experience what is called ‘cognitive dissonance’ and any changes just aren’t gonna stick. You can’t fake a new identity—it’s gotta be real.

If you’re willing to embrace this WAY of losing weight and not succumb to the “I want it all—and I want it now” attitude so prevalent in our impatient culture, then you might be interested in what physical actions you need to take in order to permanently lose weight.

Are You Ready For The “WHAT”?

the what

As a former compulsively obsessed runner—turned certified personal trainer—turned professional dieter—turned skinny sissy, I have been able to zero in on the most effective and healthiest methods to lose weight.

That’s what Part 3 – The WHAT of the “The Sissy Weight Loss Manifesto” is all about.

Now that you have this crucial ‘mindset’ part of MtF weight loss down, then the actual actions you need to take become an after-thought… just an ongoing part of this sissy weight loss process.

It’s now time to set your sights on the next lower weight compartment and move on to the WHAT.

A Sissy Hourglass Figure?

If you’re interested in achieving that coveted—and much admired—hourglass figure, you may want to check out my article: The Sissy Feminizing Workout For an Hourglass Figure.