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The Sissy Weight Loss Manifesto – Part 1

sissy weight loss

Note: This is Part 1 of the 3 part “The Sissy Weight Loss Manifesto” series. For optimal results, reading Part 2 – The Way or Part 3 – The What out of order is NOT recommended.

Looking your best is important to all girls—especially sissies—and there are not too many feminizing endeavors that can make you look better than losing those extra pounds. Sure, your makeup is ultra important, but being slim and sexy is certainly near the top of many of, if not most of, a sissy’s ‘I-want-to-be’ list.

Being a skinny sissy will allow you to look better in (and out of) clothes. On top of that, becoming svelte will make you:

  • more passable
  • younger looking
  • desirable
  • able to find a partner easier
  • feel more confident
  • healthier (so you can live a longer sissy life)

Concentrate On What You Can Control – Sissy Weight Loss

what you can control

The hard truth is that there are some things that are out of your control in your quest to become the best sissy you can be. For example, there is only so much a great makeup job can do to turn a masculine face with a square jaw into something with more feminine lines. Taking hormones and/or undergoing feminizing facial surgery are expensive procedures.

If you’re content with being a part-time, crossdressing sissy, then you wouldn’t be interested in those types of permanent MtF transformation interventions anyway.

Growing out your hair and keeping your nails long and painted might not work well at your job or around family and friends. Some sissies won’t even keep their bodies free from hair because of real or imagined social ramifications.

As a personal example, because of my chronological age, I have drooping eyelids… and I’m not contemplating surgery for them anytime soon. Combined with my less-than-stellar makeup skills—I don’t apply makeup everyday—my fem-face doesn’t always look super great.

Since I don’t have total control over my age and eyelids, I’ve made the decision to focus on my body. Although I’m not super-passable by any means, because of my relatively slim shape (5’7″ – 133 lbs), I look pretty damn good in clothes when I go out en femme. I’ve made my girlish figure my strength to compensate for the areas that I don’t have much, if any, control over.

I know as well as any sissy that there are just way too many feminizing things a sissy can’t, doesn’t want to, or is simply unwilling to do on a consistent basis to accentuate the sissification process.

But losing weight really shouldn’t be one of them! If you’ve struggled with weight loss in the past, then this controversial eating program might be just what you’re looking for.

apply makeup

Although getting good with makeup certainly quailifies as being something you can control, it’s relatively expensive to purchase and takes a ton of time and effort to become proficient at it.

Losing weight will actually save you money (eat less food) and save you time (fewer and shorter meal times). And once you’ve mastered the art of skinniness, you will be able to shop for all the skinny jeans and sexy dresses you want without worrying about not being able to fit into them three months down the road.

Leveraging Your Sissy Assets

I don’t know about you but being a sissy can leave me quite confused at times. One thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m feeling psychologically ‘all-in’ as a girl, I’m much more motivated to do girly things… like lose weight.

So instead of focusing on feelings such as embarrassment, dysphoria or shame, I’ve decided to embrace my sissyness and use it as an asset to enhance my overall life.

Being slim and trim improves your life as either a man or a woman—depending on who you want to present yourself as on any given day. A skinny sissy makes for an overall healthier and happier person.

I encourage you to use your sissiness as a springboard to a better life. Focusing on your femininity can be so much fun. It’s damn sexy to shave a slim and toned body leaving it silky smooth.

Whatever your sissy assets happen to be, put your best sissy foot forward and use them to your full advantage. Fostering feminine qualities like beauty, sensitivity and sexiness can bring so much peace and contentment into your life. Being slim and trim can set the tone for more femininity to follow.

The Why, The Way, The What

the why

This Part 1 of “The Sissy Weight Loss Manifesto” has zeroed in on the WHY of sissy weight loss. After reading this, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to clearly see why a sissy’s focus should be on losing those extra pounds.

There’s absolutely nothing else you can do—something that’s entirely under your control—that will enhance your sissyness more than having a slim, sexy body.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you already know that you’re not alone. Being a slim and sexy sissy doesn’t have to be all about sacrifice, struggle and deprivation. Although it’s definitely not easy at first, especially if you don’t know about changing how you identify with your body, it is entirely doable.

Most people, including sissies, focus their energies on the methodology of losing weight… the different diets, exercise programs, etc. That part is the WHAT of how to permanently lose weight and I thoroughly cover the best weight loss methods that I’ve found in Part 3 of this manifesto.

Naturally, that’s the part that everyone wants to read first. I’m here to tell you that by beginning with the WHAT is completely ass-backwards. It would be like putting the cart in front of Cinderella’s mice.

Do you ever wonder why such a small percentage of people who try, manage to ever lose a significant amount of weight—and even if they do—90% of them inexplicably put it all back on (and then some) within a few months?

It’s because they first don’t understand their WHY of losing weight. As a sissy, you now know your WHY by reading this first part. But even more importantly, they aren’t aware of the underlying but extremely essential WAY of losing weight.

The WAY to lose weight is to gain an understanding of the unseen forces that are currently controlling how much you currently weigh. You’re probably not even aware that they exist.

This very important ‘WAY’ is what I talk about in Part 2 of “The Sissy Weight Loss Manifesto”. Being aware of what’s going on inside of your pretty little sissy head MUST come before implementing the WHAT, the specific weight loss methods.

Taking a short-cut by going directly to Part 3 will, more-or-less, ensure that you will never get that sexy, sissy body of your dreams.

Now that you know your WHY I hope you are inspired to continue to Part 2… the WAY to sissy weight loss.

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