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Are You a Sissy? 10 Ways To Know For Sure

are you a sissy?

If you’ve ever wondered if you really are a sissy, or contemplated on how much sissyness is trapped inside of you, you’re not alone darling. It’s completely normal for questions such as these to pop up into your pretty little head.

Some would say that if you have to ask, then the answer is apparent. But just in case you are experiencing some gender identity confusion, the following 10 questions may help to clear things up for you.

1 – When you were a little boy (or maybe even a teenager) did you ever feel compelled to try on your mother’s, sister’s or cousin’s clothes?

This question will take you back to the roots of your sissyness. Trying to figure out why you had this overwhelming desire to enjoy the feel of soft, silky, feminine garments next to your skin is an exercise in futility.

It might have something to do with the way you were raised. Or… maybe you were just born that way.

The only thing that really matters is to not place any judgements on nor have feelings of guilt about your dress-up-desires. Society may say otherwise, but our narrow-minded culture can be kind of fucked-up in this area.

The important thing is that if you did feel inspired to put on something feminine, you get sissy bonus points for actually following through and trying on that cute little dress!

2 – Have you ever gone down on a girl immediately afterwards so that you can actually taste your cum?

eat out a girl

Sweetie, this is a seriously submissive act, and we both know that sissies are submissive by default. A true sissy loves to perform oral servitude on women—and sometimes, even men.

Sissies also fantasize about eating their own cum, so if you’ve answered the above question in the affirmative, you’re corroborating your apptitude for sissiness.

In addition, if you enjoy eating out a girl more than actually fucking her, then I believe you can take this to mean that your inner-sissy quotient is pretty damn fucking high.

C’mon, any delusional claims you may have as to being in any-way-shape-or-form an alpha male would be seriously offensive to a real man.

3 – When you see an exremely attractive women, what do you notice most; her tits and ass or her nails and heels?

tits ass nails heels

A sissy’s focus would obviously be on her nails and heels… along with her makeup, hair, fashionable clothes and jewelry.

Although a real man would be peripherally aware of these feminine attributes, his main interest would be on her body. He would want to rip all those beautiful clothes off her and fuck the shit out of this georgous woman.

A sissy, on the other hand, legitimately holds a high amount of admiration for how this feminine creature has artfully put herself together. There’s even a bit of envy on the sissy’s part of how captivating this girl looks.

Sure, a sissy would maybe like to fuck her, if she (the sissy) could get it up, but she would probably get more enjoyment out of being fabulously dressed-up herself and getting fucked. Following along with that same sissified mindset…

4 – Have you ever avoided approaching a woman even when the situation is perfect and it’s obvious that she wants to be approached?

This scenario is most often attributed to approach anxiety and being generally unconfident around women. But why are you fearful and anxious when it comes to women? Is this a problem that needs to be overcome, or is it just that you’re a spineless sissy by nature? It’s a valid question that you need to be honestly asking yourself.

It’s quite possible that your less-than-large dick (or sissy clitty) is frightened of pussy.

If, as a sissy, you don’t feel worthy enough to fuck this girl, then you will subconsciously self-sabotage any attempt to apporach her, the gorgeous goddess that she is. Maybe you would be more content to be her sissy slave instead? Just asking.

5 – Do you sometimes wear lingerie, high heels and dresses?

sissy dress up

If you do, that means that you’re a crossdresser, but not necessarily a sissy. Sissies are submissive and subservient. Their role in life is not only to look pretty, but to be obedient and have a penchant for providing pleasure.

But, if you have already started putting together your feminine wardrobe—lingerie, pretty dresses and high heels—then these other questions will help you to ascertain whether you possess the aptitude required for taking things to a different place… and become a full-fledged sissy.

6 – What do you fantasize about while masturbating?

submissive sissy

Since sissies are crossdressers that have a decidedly submissive nature to them, then this question will be an acid-like test to determine how docile and subservient you really are.

If you get off by having someone giving out orders as to what they want you to do, then you have the submissive qualities necessary for being a serious sissy. If you gain even greater enjoyment by obeying these orders, then that is further proof of your meekness.

Does being a sissy slave to a dominate woman do it for you? Would you like her to fuck you up the ass with a strapon while you moan in ecstasy? How about being kept in chastity 24/7 and serving as her cuckold slut—your primary role being to fluff up her lover?

Does being dressed up in something girly while all of this is happening make your little sissy dick twitch? We can stop right here sweetie… you’re definitely a sissy.

7 – Do you wonder what it would be like to suck on a real cock while dressed as sissy?

sissy cocksucker

Since I broached the subject of you serving as a ‘fluffer’ for your mistress, we might as well take this matter a bit further. Yeah, since most crossdressers are straight the thought of sucking on a cock might not do it for them. But as a sissy, well that’s a different story. When sissies are all dolled-up, a psychological shift takes place.

In the quest to validate her femininity, she suddenly becomes a submissive fuck toy to be used by either a woman or a man. A sissy slut is pretty much required to become a capable cocksucker.

I suggest you get out your dildo—hopefully you have one—apply some lipstick and begin a regular practice schedule. Soon enough you’ll have the opportunity to have your pretty lips wrapped around the real thing… and you won’t want to disappoint.

BTW, if you’re looking to buy a dildo, make sure you read this article first.

8 – Do you prefer to sit down to pee, even when it is not absolutely necessary?

sitting down to pee

You don’t need me to tell you this but that is boda fide, ladylike behavior.

The more important question is, why do you do feel the urge to do it? You most likely already know—it’s one relatively small, seemingly insignificant form of behavior that makes you feel like a girl.

But is it really that trivial of an act? If you haven’t yet began to flush-out your feminine feelings, maybe it’s time you do so.

9 – Do you shave any parts of your body that men typically don’t shave?

sissy shaving

I realize that many men shave their legs for sports and stuff like that. They may even shave their underarms for hygienic reasons. But if you do shave, it’s time to be totally transparent with yourself—what’s your underlying motivation? Might there be some subtle, secondary benefits you are receiving?

Do you enjoy the feel of pulling on a pair of nylon stockings over your freshly shaved legs?. Or perhaps it’s the smooth, silky feeling you experience when sliding between the sheets at night.

Let’s face it, being hairless feels oh-so feminine. Maybe it’s time to go all the way and keep your entire body shaved?

Now-a-days it’s not all that uncommon. You could get away with it if you really wanted to. Plus, every time you shave yourself smooth, it has the effect of affirming your sissyness.

10 – Do you paint your toenails?

sissy painted toenails

If you do, then you already have effeminately embraced being a sissy. If you don’t, I think it’s time to start. Not too many things will make you feel more feminine than keeping your toenails painted.

If you’re not quite ready to show them off to the world, then it’s easy enough to keep them covered-up in the winter. During the summer months, you can paint them a neutral color. There are other creative strategies—for example, I wear special yoga socks when I attend yoga classes.

Hopefully, the question “Are You a Sissy?” is now as straight forward for you to answer as it is for me. Something can be said for surrendering to who you truly are sweetie. It’s an intoxicating feeling to wake up in the morning, climb out of bed and look down.

The first thing I see is a view of a flat, feminine front—a pair of panties covering up my tucked-back sissy clitty. As my gaze moves further down, my eyes are directed to a pair of smoothly shaven legs followed up with my prettily polished toenails.

What a way to start of the day! Am I a sissy? It sure does look like it. The more important question is… are you?

Becoming the sissy of your dreams doesn’t happen overnight!

Sissification is a process. It’s a matter of taking consistent, dainty, high-heel-like-steps in order to arrive in Sissyville (maybe that could be a real place someday).

In the meantime, I wrote a popular article about Your Sissification Process. You might find it interesting.