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The Sissy Tucking Guide

sissy tucking

If you’re a sissy that enjoys presenting your sexy-self to the world, it’s important to skillfully tuck your male stuff out of the way in order to have that all-so-important flat-feminine-front.

There has been enough articles posted and videos made about the various methods of tucking. So much so that things can get quite confusing. Everyone seems to think that their way is the best way.

The thing is… there is no best way. You do however, want to find the best way to tuck for you.

This sissy tucking guide will help you to determine that.

First Off – Forget the Gaff


The modern gaff is simply a compression type of panty that is designed to hold your penis and balls in place once you have them positioned properly.

Feel free to use a gaff if you want. There are so many types and styles available. Or just a pair of tight-fitting panties might do the trick. You probably already have a pair of panties that will work.

The main thing to realize is that you don’t really need a gaff for sissy tucking.

Are You a Shower or a Grower

grower or shower

Some sissies—like me—are fairly small when soft but grow to an average size when stiff. Other girls (showers) are larger when flaccid but don’t necessarily get significantly bigger when aroused.

Growers—like me—don’t need to be so concerned with sophisticated tucking. Just tuck your clitty down, facing rewards, into your panties and you’re good to go.

Showers, on the other hand, need to adopt more serious measures in order to adequately hide things away.

Also, certain circumstances will determine how much tucking-effort is necessary. For example: a trip to the beach in a itsy-bitsy bikini will require a superior tuck job. Same probably goes with a night out on the karaoke stage.

The Lost, Secret Inguinal Canals

inguinal canal

Many tucking tutorials will advise you to first pop your nuts back to where they originally decended from—the inguinal canals. These pockets purportedly lie on either side of the upper pubic area. You first find their openings and then gently press/poke your balls up into them.

This sounds all well and good… IF they are really there and… IF you can find them!

I’ve never managed to locate these so-called pockets on me, maybe because I’ve had a hernia patch type of surgery which could be blocking them off.

But that should only be the case for the side I had the surgery on, right? Or maybe I don’t have these super-hard-to-find-and-possibly-non-existent canals/pockets.

Other CD and TG continue to insist that they are definitely there. Whatever. The good news is that it’s not necessary to have, much less find these inguinal canals in order to do a more-than-competent tucking job.

The Quick and Dirty Way to Sissy Tucking

One quick and dirty way to tuck is to use either duct or light-weight packing tape. Although this method is quick, it’s also dirty. I’ll explain why the latter is true at the end of this section. Duct tape is strong and sticky. Packing tape is less sticky and not as strong (but strong enough).

For this method you will need 3 pieces of tape about 16 inches long. First you position one of your nuts up to the side of your pubic area. It is now pushed up, lying underneath the skin, up and out of it’s ball sack.

Then, pushing your penis and nut sack down between your legs—facing rearward—you place one piece of tape just above the nut and tape diagonally, over your package, skirting your butt crack, and then winding up on the opposite butt cheek.

Then, while pushing, and then holding the other twin up, you place the second piece of tape in the exact but opposite manner as the first.

Now you take the third piece of tape and place the end in the center, just above the pubic area, and tape straight down, over your butt crack, ending up between and just past your butt cheeks.

I used a thinner, more specialized form of duct tape below, but any 2″ wide duct tape will work.

Sissy Tucking

Now slip into a sexy pair of panties to cover everything up and you’re tucked and ready to head out. Your highly-positioned nuts make for a nice looking camel toe effect.

A few things to consider:

  • Be sure to first shave really well (I know, obvious)
  • The tape needs to be pulled VERY tight so as to achieve the flat-femme look
  • The light-brown colored, Scotch Brand packing tape blends in with the skin tone much better than gray duct tape (in case an edge happens to show around the bikini line)
  • You can place a thin sanitary mini-pad over your clitty (underneath the tape) to facilitate removal of the tape later

For size reference purposes, the larger pad is 10″ long.


This tucking-taping method works really well except for one one very important thing: what if you have to pee? Since there’s nowhere for the urine to go, it makes for a wet and messy situation. The trapped moisture also tends to compromise the stickiness of the tape.

There’s got to be a better way… and there is!

My Favorite Way to Tuck

A superior way to tuck (IMHO), still uses tape—albeit a different type—but in a different way. The beauty of this method is that you end up with a flat-feminine-front but retain the ability to pee freely. That’s really important to me.

Instead of duct or packing tape, you will be using masking or clear marine tape. Masking tape is less sticky but has no stretch to it. Marine tape has more sticking power and it’s also stretchy (which is a good thing). Both the masking and marine are of the one-inch-wide variety. In case you were wondering, this is what clear marine tape looks like.

You begin much like in the ‘quick and dirty method’ above, but push both of your nuts up around the pubic area simultaneously, leaving the empty ball sack dangling down below.

Now you sort of wrap the empty sack around your penis so that it’s one, neat little package. You then take the tape and, starting from the top (at the base of where your nuts are now positioned), wrap it tightly around your ball sack/penis package. Continue taping down, toward the end of your clitty, but stopping before you reach the head.

I used blue masking tape in the below photo so you can see it clearly. It’s actually better to use the lighter beige color that you’re no doubt familiar with. I have not personally tested the clear marine tape but have heard that it’s a superior choice because of its flexible nature.

tape wrap

This tightly wrapped package keeps your nuts pushed up, underneath the skin—again creating a sexy camel toe look. You’re now ready to move on to the final part of the taping procedure.

You are now going to use the same 1″ wide tape and place two strips, starting just outside where your nuts are now positioned, diagonally across your wrapped-up package, then through your butt crack, sticking the ends of each piece in the center, an appropriate distance above that said crack.

tape tuck

Like in the quick and dirty method that uses duct tape, these two pieces of tape will wind up being approximately 16 inches long—depending on your particular body dimensions.

You gotta pull these two pieces of tape tight so that you achieve the desired flattening effect.

Also, especially if you’re using masking tape—which doesn’t stretch—it’s a good idea to squat down while fastening the ends at the rear. Otherwise, you risk the tape pulling loose if you do need to squat while out and dressed.

Your clitty is now positioned upside down, facing rear-ward. Since the head has not been covered with tape, you are free to drop your panties, sit down and pee away.

A few notes on tape:

    • Remember, use 1 inch wide tape
    • Since you are taping directly to the penis, make sure that you don’t use tape that is too sticky
    • This point is so obvious… shave first

Chastity and Sissy Tucking

flat cage

Most sissies love the idea of chastity since sexual denial helps to enhance your sissy enthusiasm. No more unwanted male refractory periods that tend to derail you from experiencing the exquisite sensations of constant erotic arousal.

The problem is that it’s difficult to tuck the bulge created by a chastity cage well enough to not be noticed by a discerning eye.

If you absolutely must stay in chastity—and still want to venture out in public— then, although not a perfect solution, the above pictured chastity device would be an acceptable option.

Alternately, a fake camel toe pad that will fit nicely over a chastity cage might work for you.

Sissy Tucking

While being locked up in a chastity device is not conducive to having a perfectly flat-femme look, using one of the above two work-arounds will, more-or-less, do a satisfactory job.

Speaking of Chastity

If you would like to experience all the sissification benefits that a chastity cage can provide, then you will certainly want to check out my Sissy Chastity Devices Page.