That Might Have Been a Big Mistake!

Rabbit holes can be dark, scary places.

Anyway, it’s too late. The first email of this 10 part “Down The Sissification Rabbit Hole” series is on it’s way to you. After that, you’ll be receiving 1 email per day over the following 9 days.

Every so often, emails don’t get delivered as promptly as we would all like. So once in a while, you’ll need to be patient.

The subject line of the email will read:

SRH Day 1 – What’s Your Sissy Mindset?

If you don’t see the email, please check your ‘Spam Folder’.

While you’re waiting for Day 1 to show up, consider the fact that…

Sissification can be a lengthy, time consuming and even daunting process.

And there are sooooo many things to becoming a cute, adorable sissy that are NOT under your control.

For instance, you have no control over:

  • Your height
  • Your facial features (short of undergoing facial feminization surgery)
  • Your chronological age

But on the other hand, you can change things like:

  • Your makeup skills
  • How your voice sounds
  • Your weight

Let’s talk about that last one for a minute. Your weight.

If there is one thing—that you have absolute control over—that would help to turn you into a more feminine and desirable sissy, it would be having a slim and sexy body.

As a former personal trainer, I know that 80 percent of weight loss is determined by our diet.

Unfortunately, for many living in our modern culture, our diets suck!

What makes things difficult (besides having a fast-food joint on virtually every corner) is that there is so much damn great tasting food available to eat. At least in the USA.

It’s so true. Beer, pizza, pasta, cookies, cake and ice cream are super-scrumptious.

But most of us know that eating those types of foods are NOT the way to become a skinny sissy.

The thing is, there are a lot of mis-guided opinions by so-called ‘nutrition experts’ on how to eat properly.

Until fairly recently, everything you’ve been conditioned to think about diet and nutrition is ASS–BACKWARDS!

The truth is that the food industry is a combination of mis-information, vested interests and ginormous advertising budgets that are designed to…

Keep you eating the way they want you to eat.

But there is a different way.

A way to eat that will support you… in not only having a slimmer and sexier body, but also a healthier and younger looking one.

If you’re a sissy that is interested in finding out more about this better (and smarter) way to eat then check out this program.

It’s been working really well for me.