Down the Sissification Rabbit Hole

sissification rabbit hole

There’s an old joke within the TG community that goes like this:

Question: What’s the difference between a CD and a MtF TG?

Answer: 5 years.

Although many a MtF TG would fail to see the humor, there is some truth within that wisecrack, which is…

Once you start dressing up, you can never be absolutely certain how things are going to end up.

Many CD—and sissies alike—begin to express their femininity innocently enough. They start with wearing panties; then feel compelled to shave their legs. A silky pair of nylons would then feel so perfectly-fine encasing those smoothly-shaven legs.

Before you know it, she’s painting her toenails. Soon thereafter, along with some lipstick and mascara, she’s added a dress, wig and a pair of high heels to her meager wardrobe.

Eventually her improving makeup skills reach the point where she can’t stop fantasizing how fun it would be to flaunt her femininity in a public setting.

Maybe she’s beginning to transform into more of a sissy, moving past just wanting to be a part-time crossdresser.

Truth be told, she looks back and is amazed how far she’s progressed in just one year’s time.

This sissy has absolutely no idea in hell where her sissification journey will end up.


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

down the rabbit hole

It’s impossible to see very far down a rabbit hole when you’re just peeking down from the entrance.

There’s simply not enough light. It’s dark and mysterious—filled with uncertainty. With all the twists and turns, there’s absolutely no way to know what lies at the other end.

Every sissy rabbit hole is different! Because every sissy is different.

Maybe you’re peeking down your sissification rabbit hole right now?

The thought of becoming more feminine is exciting, and a little bit—or maybe a whole lot—scary.

How can you be sure that your sissy desires aren’t merely just a fleeting fetish? Are you really ready to renounce your manhood; dismissing your masculinity?

Are you satisfied with being a part-time CD, or do you want (or maybe need) MORE?

Well princess, you’re gonna have to figure that out for yourself. But to help you out a bit, allow me ask you a few, hypothetical questions.

  • If all of a sudden you found yourself in a strange city, with absolutely no friends or family, would you seriously consider living full-time as a girl?
  • If you were in a relationship with a dominate partner and He or She wanted you to wear a chastity device—possibly 24-7—would you comply?
  • Do you ever fantasize about transforming your male cock into a useless sissy clitty… with all the ramifications that would come with that transformation?
  • Would the thought of having a closet full of pretty dresses and high heels make your sissy clitty twitch in your panties?
  • Could you make the commitment to spending an hour—every day—putting on your makeup?
  • Would it feel fabulously sexy to have your belly-button pierced?

The way you answered those questions can reveal a lot about your sissy nature. They will give you a glimpse into how serious of a sissy you actually are—or want to be.

Why Am I Writing This Anyway?

To be thoroughly transparent, my motivation for asking you the above questions comes—at least partly—down to pure selfishness.

You see, I’ve been poking my head down this sissification rabbit hole over the past few years and have even ventured into it a ways. The experience is fun, exciting, erotic… and pretty damn fucking scary!

I’m starting to realize that if I decide to go much further, I will reach a point where there will be no turning back.

Because this journey will be somewhat spooky and filled with uncertainty, I’m looking for a few like-minded sissies to tag along with me. Kind of like a mutual support system, with me holding your hand while leading the way.

One thing that I should be very clear about is…

The Sissification Rabbit Hole is Not For Every Sissy

not for every sissy

The reason I asked you those six question further back up the page is that I’ve asked myself those very same questions, among others. I can honestly say my answer was an emphatic YES to every one of them.

Can you say the same?

Sissy Webcam

I’m not asking if you can answer those questions in the affirmative while in the throes of sissy sexual fantasy.

Could you say YES to them in the aftermath of sexual satisfaction? Do your girly-girl desires still show a pulse while in sissy-killing purgatory: the dreaded male refractory period?

If so, then you might be the perfect person to be part in this excursion down the sissification rabbit hole.

If you wholeheartedly feel that you’re ready for such a journey, then I invite you to join this courageous club of sissies as we take our sissy endeavors to new and exciting levels of engagement.