your sissification process

Your Sissification Process

Transforming yourself into a sissy can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever embark on. But the path to ultra-femininity is not just about pulling a pair of pretty pink panties up your silky smooth legs. It requires more…

sissy yoga

7 Reasons Why Sissies Should Practice Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for genetic girls… it’s for you too sissy! Practicing yoga will take your femininity to a new level of intensity, for reasons you perhaps haven’t thought of before. Find out what those 7 reasons are…

sissy epilating experiment

The Great Sissy Epilating Experiment of 2019

The allure of a silky smooth body for an entire two weeks was way too enticing for this sissy to ignore. So much so that I decided to conduct my own 6 month sissy epilating experiment. Here’s how it turned out for me…

sissy weight loss

The Sissy Weight Loss Manifesto – Part 2 – The Way

The first things that come to a sissy’s mind when she wants to lose weight may be calories, carbs or working out. Unfortunately those are NOT where a weight loss program should start. Go here to find out a better place to begin…


A Guide To The Elusive Sissygasm

Many sissies insist that once you’ve experienced your first sissygasm, you’ll lose the desire to cum like a man ever again. Unfortunately, sissygasms are not always that easy to cum by. Learn how to achieve them here…

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