Way to Go!

Can’t wait to have your pathetic clitty locked and under my control.

I need you to send me an email with answers to the following questions, along with anything else about your sissy situation—your wants/needs/desires. My email address is:


  • Sissy name
  • Sissy email (the one that we will be corresponding with)
  • Best 3 days of the week for email exchanges
  • Best times of the day for email
  • Type/brand of cage that you will be wearing
  • Current relationship status
  • Your top sissy fantasy
  • How will you keep yourself clean
  • Do you have a combination lockbox for your keys
  • A ‘safe word’ in case of an emergency
  • What you want (or think you want) from me

I can be kind but firm. I can also be a cruel, nasty bitch. Or something in between.

The more I know about you, the better of a caged and denied experience I will be able to provide.

Talk soon darling.

Miss Jordyn