About Jordyn

My name is jordyn… and I'm a sissy. Below is a list of things that confirm, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am an ultra-feminine sissy.


  • I keep my entire body shaved and silky smooth
  • My tonails are always prettily polished
  • Both of my ears are pierced
  • I put on panties and a bra everyday
  • I only pee sitting down
  • I'm constantly listening to sissy hyno files
  • I sexily step into a pair of high heels daily
  • I've found that a 4” heel is not high enough
  • While I prefer to be with a woman, I will suck cock for a new pair of heels
  • I practice yoga three days a week
  • I do sissy butt popping exercises four times per week
  • I achieve a sissygasm by nubbing the head of my panty encased sissy clitty with one manicured finger only

My name is jordyn… and I LOVE being a sissy.